Maine Wedding | York Golf & Tennis Club | Katie & Colin | York Maine

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Colin & Katie were married on Saturday, May 18, 2024 at the York Golf & Tennis Club in York, Maine.  Katie got ready at her childhood home In Saco and she worn her mother's wedding gown for her ceremony. It looked so beautiful on her. She had a second dress which she worn for her first look and reception.  Katie & Colin had friends and family members in their wedding party. The day was a little up in the air with the weather calling for rain. We were all thankful that it held off until all the outdoor festivities were completed. Katie and Colin recently flew to Texas to create their wedding bands themselves. They are stunning. Katie and Colin were surrounded by cherished family and friends. Please join me by wishing them much love and happiness in their life together.


Venue - York Gold & Tennis Club

Rings - LaProng Jewelers

Hair & Make up = Salon Smith, Saco Maine

Ceremony Dress - Mother of the Bride

Reception Dress - LuLu

DJ- Fred Pappalardo 

Tux - The Black Tux

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