Maine Wedding | River Winds Estate | Meghan & Cody | Saco Maine | SUSAN COSTA PHOTOGRAPHY

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Meghan & Cody were married on Saturday, July 29, 2023 at the River Winds Estate, in Saco Maine. Cody & Meghan met over 10 years ago at Ironstone Farm in Massachusetts. They both worked there with the horses and have been together since! They have stayed together through living in different states and countries, through multiple deployments and studying abroad. Meghan & Cody got engaged on top of a mountain in Romania. And prioritize traveling and having as many adventures as possible while spending time with family. They wedding was so beautiful, with sage, cream and purple accents. Meghan wore a stunning lace gown with her boots and Cody were his dress Navy uniform during the ceremony. They both love horses and one made an appearance for their special day. I wish you both many years together, filled with happiness, dreams, health and love.


Caterer:  Blue Elephant
DJ : Chris at Crown Entertainment (family friend)
GOWN: Chantilly place in Chelmsford 
Rings: Kay Jeweler
Flowers: Little River

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