Maine Wedding | Nonantum Resort | Sarah & Kevin | Kennebunkport Maine | Susan Costa Photography

July 27, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Spoiler alert, an Irish man meets his wife in a bar. Everything about him was Irish. His red skin, smiling Irish eyes, even the bar where they first met was on Green Street. Everything about her was Italian. Her nurturing personality, with dark hair and dark eyes. The path to where they met was due to the luck of the Irish and the determination of the Italians. Everything about him was Boston. The way he didn't pronounce his R's. Everything about her was New York. The way she pronounced everything with conviction. But all that didn't matter when they saw each other. Kevin was drawn to her infectious beautiful smile, and Sarah couldn't look away from his captivating blue eyes. Kevin's fortitude led him to walk across the room, take Sarah's face in his hands, and give her a nice, light kiss. Much to Sarah's surprise, it was magical, and their worlds collided. From that night, they were inseparable, and as their soon to be favorite country song says, it was their last first kiss. They soon realized they were very similar. Both being the youngest of 5 children, and loving so many of the same things. Time spent hiking, golfing, going to the beach, and of course, love for all Boston sports teams, particularly the Red Sox! Kevin realized the passion Sarah had for her nieces and nephews and children in her profession, and Sarah realized the passion Kevin had for his children. And they joined this love and passion with Duncan, Ava, and Jackie, who, already the light of Kevin's life, very quickly became entrenched in Sarah's heart. And then Einstein and Rocky became forced friends, soon to be inseparable, and took care of each other in their old age. Similar to the beginning of their relationship happening by chance, having never been away together before, they chose Kennebunkport, Maine and The Nonantum Resort as their first trip together, which ultimately led them to choose The Nonantum to have their closest friends and family to celebrate their life together. Sarah & Kevin were married on July 21, 2023. Congrats to you both and I wish you a wonderful, healthy, & happy life together.

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