Maine Wedding | Courtney & AJ | River Winds Estate | Saco Maine

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Courtney and AJ attended the same high school, where they met and started to join each other’s, friend groups. After planning all day during a busy school day, AJ had the idea to ask Courtney to prom. He had to quite literally chase her down in the parking lot to ask her (she knew he was planning to ask and was hoping he’d just send a text instead). After catching her, she said “yes” … for the first time. They planned for a first date to come later that week. Their first date was accompanied by a few of their friends due to the nerves of a first date. They enjoyed each other’s silliness so much, they spent pretty much every day together after school. 

Years later, after both graduating college, making new friends, and living in two separate states from each other, they moved in together in Raymond, Maine. This quickly became their favorite place to be. 

Courtney and Aj were married on Saturday, July 15, 2023 at The River Winds Farm & Estates. It was a very warm, sunny, 90 degree day. Courtney had a beautiful lace gown, and AJ wore a grey suit which looked spectacular. They are currently living in Pennsylvania but wanted to be married in Maine were they spent so much time getting to know each other. Their friends and family all came together and enjoyed such a beautiful ceremony. With a special appears from the adorable dog. I wish you both so much love, joy and happiness together.


DRESS - David's Bridal


MUA - Salon Roka

DJ -Mobile Video Photography 

VENUE - River Winds Estate

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