Nonantum Resort Wedding | Ryan & Meredith | Kennebunkport Maine | Maine Wedding Photographer

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Ryan and Meredith were married on Saturday, June 10, 2023 at the beautiful Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport, Maine. The weather was a little up and down throughout the day, but in the end the sun was shining when it needed to be. The colors of the day were blues, pinks and greens. As you will see, the flowers were just so vibrant and beautiful and complimented the entire day.  Meredith's gown was so elegant and made my Vera Wang. Ryan's suit complimented his blue eyes. The entire day was filled with close friends and family! There was so much love surrounding the couple. Who knew two people from Boston, who meet at the Port Hole in Portland, Maine would some day be man and wife. We all wish you both a beautiful life together. 


Flowers & Decor - Minka Flowers
Band - Jim Ciampi BandGown - Vera Wang
Sailboat - Pineapple Ketch
Linens - BBJ La Tavola 
Invitation Suite and Signage - El’s Cards 
Wedding Venue - Nonantum Resort
Band - Jim Ciampi Band
Gown - Vera Wang
Make up - Golden Bridal Artistry
Hair - Peter Fabiano of Salon Fabiano


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