Flowers That Feed 23 | Maine Photographer | Susan Costa | Coolidge Family Farm

May 16, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

On Saturday, May 13th, artists and fashion designers from Maine and beyond gathered at Coolidge Family Farm in New Gloucester to raise funds for the Good Shepherd Food Bank. Their 2nd Annual Flowers that Feed show was more epic than before!

They kicked off the evening with a "SIP & SHOP" event under an outdoor tented area prior to the show from 5:30-7:00. Champagne was flowing and vendors were be available with their wares. Attendees mingle, shop, and sip! Door's opened at 7:00!

The 2023 show consisted of a few repeat designers that we LOVE revealing their new lines, as well as, new designers from NYFW, Golf Coast Fashion Week, and more to showcase their designs! Featuring Nova Threadz, Earth Spirit Jewels, D Deb designs, ArtbyBen Designs, and more!! Most everything will be up for sale, so if you saw or are seeing something you like be sure to snap a photo! Adding to the excitement, there was a few dance performances by Veeva Banga, Liza May, and Sisters Phoenix!!

Thank you Misty Coolidge and Whitley Nabintu Marshall organizing the event and to all who participate in the event to make is so successful!  


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