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If you have ever been around Julia and Anderson, you can testify they were meant to be. The way they look at each other just gives you goosebumps. Julia's laugh is infectious, and Anderson's GQ looks made it very easy on my end. They were so easy to photograph because they just fit so well together, and I knew their wedding day would be just spectacular. Enjoy a glimpse into their wedding day. 

Anderson and Julia met a few years ago via the interwebs, and stayed in touch. They reconnected after Julia slid into Anderson's DMs to chat about a country concert Anderson attended, and then continued based on their mutual love of Australia. Their first date was in the midst of COVID, and with very few restaurants open, they ended up at a local Boston bar where there was no shortage of conversation. Some might say the rest is history. A few months later, after Julia had recently finished the Boston Marathon, the two jet-setted off to Greece where Anderson got down on one knee with the beautiful Santorini as their backdrop.

Julia knew her wedding had to be in Maine. When thinking about where to get married, it was a no-brainer for her. Her family has owned property at Goose Rocks Beach since the 60s, and they have summered there ever since. It was the constant in her life, and the views weren't horrible either :) 

7L2A8145 copy7L2A8145 copy
0C8A37890C8A3789 0C8A37920C8A3792 0C8A38020C8A3802 0C8A37930C8A3793 0C8A38160C8A3816 7L2A72287L2A7228 Julia and Anderson created a wedding website, and when I was reading through the bios of Julia's 7 bridesmaids, it was clear she had some friendships that have lasted for up to 20+ years. It was filled with great stories of how they met and what keeps them together. Look how cute they all looked in their matching jammies!

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7L2A7295 copy7L2A7295 copy Julia's wedding gown was right out of an Audrey Hepburn movie: so classic and perfect. Julia really had such a vision for every detail of her wedding. Her bridesmaids were almost in tears when they saw her in her wedding gown for the first time.

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In terms of the guys? Well, what can I say? They had rented a house 3 minutes from the wedding venue, and let me say, they sure seemed very relaxed when I arrived. Anderson and his wedding party wore blue suits, and each had a special liner hand-picked by each of the 6 groomsmen. I found them hanging out watching TV with a beer in hand. Anderson also had long-term friendships with each of his groomsmen; especially his two brothers. 

7L2A70727L2A7072 7L2A70747L2A7074 7L2A70767L2A7076 7L2A70777L2A7077 7L2A70947L2A7094 7L2A70967L2A7096 7L2A71017L2A7101 7L2A71037L2A7103 7L2A71097L2A7109 7L2A71117L2A7111 7L2A71287L2A7128 7L2A71367L2A7136 7L2A71577L2A7157 7L2A71617L2A7161 7L2A71827L2A7182 7L2A71927L2A7192 7L2A71987L2A7198 7L2A72057L2A7205 7L2A72147L2A7214

The first look with Julia's dad, William, was very sweet. 

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The first look between the bride and groom really is such an intimate moment. The moment the groom turns around to see his bride for the first time can be very emotional. Anderson was speechless when he saw Julia in her wedding gown. There were a few on-lookers that cheered them on. But on my gosh, don't they both look like they walked out of Real Maine Wedding Magazine? 

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The Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport is like no other wedding venue in Maine. They have such a spectacular property with beautiful flowers, dockside views of the ocean, and of course a sailboat. Traditionally, the groom and groomsmen sail off for about an hour to do, well, whatever groomsmen do on a sailboat right before their friend gets married. They return just moments before the ceremony begins. 

7L2A8162 copy7L2A8162 copy 7L2A8170 copy7L2A8170 copy 7L2A8177 copy7L2A8177 copy 7L2A8181 copy7L2A8181 copy 7L2A8187 copy7L2A8187 copy 7L2A8195 copy7L2A8195 copy 7L2A8200 copy7L2A8200 copy 7L2A8213 copy7L2A8213 copy 7L2A8217 copy7L2A8217 copy 7L2A8235 copy7L2A8235 copy 7L2A8247 copy7L2A8247 copy 7L2A8256 copy7L2A8256 copy September 23, 2022 was a beautiful fall, sunny but very windy, day. The ceremony site was just breathtaking, with an arbor of flowers, and a live painter that was painting the bride and groom as they said their vows surrounded by family and friends. Julia's and Anderson's nephews were just precious as their ring bearers. Keep an eye out for their entrances.

7L2A8308 copy7L2A8308 copy 7L2A8321 copy7L2A8321 copy 7L2A8331 copy7L2A8331 copy 7L2A8366 copy7L2A8366 copy 7L2A8444 copy7L2A8444 copy 7L2A8453 copy7L2A8453 copy 7L2A8475 copy7L2A8475 copy

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7L2A8684 copy7L2A8684 copy 7L2A8715 copy7L2A8715 copy 7L2A8718 copy7L2A8718 copy

Family and friends: that is what a wedding is all about. Having the people closest to you at one of the most special times in your life: your wedding day. 
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IMG_4557 copyIMG_4557 copy IMG_4561 copyIMG_4561 copy IMG_4566 copyIMG_4566 copy IMG_4587 copyIMG_4587 copy

Anderson and Julia both love to travel and are currently on their honeymoon in Mauritius! When home in Boston, they both love to try out new local restaurants and explore all that Boston/Hingham has to offer while Julia prepares for her next marathon in NYC. 
Congratulations Julia and Anderson!


Thank you, Julia and Anderson, and Congrats to you both!



Venue.- Nonantum Resort

Flowers - Minka Flowers

Photographer -  yourself :)

Videographer - TBA Productions

Hair & Makeup - CB Bridal Creations

Band - Cover Story Entertainment




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