Maine Wedding | Jake & Lindsey | Coolidge Family Farm | New Gloucester

September 16, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Jake and Lindsey were married on September 10, 2022, at Coolidge Farm Farm, in New Gloucester, Maine. Jake and Lindsey met in 2017 and have been together ever since. The barn venue was beautiful, the day was sunny and very warm. Family and friends surrounded Jake and Lindsay as they exchanged their vows. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Powers.


Flowers: Posh Posies 

Rings: Days Jewelers 

Dj: Matt James Entertainment

Videographer: Good Eye Productions 

Venue: Coolidge Family Farm

Food: Coastal Critter Clambake

Bar: Maine Mixology 

Hair: Possibilities Salon - Nicole French

Make Up: Bay beauty Abby McClellan

Photographer; Susan Costa Photography




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