Maine Wedding | Esther & Jason Wyman | Atlantic Hall Cape Porpoise Maine

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Jason and Esther were married on Saturday, January 8th 2022 at the Atlantic Hall in Cape Porpoise, Maine.  It was a beautiful, sunny winter day filled with friends and family.

Jason and Esther met in May of 2020 through a family member. Esther was invited for dinner, at his parent's to be introduced. She thought he was so cute she couldn’t look him in the eyes and he apparently kept thinking why isn’t this girl looking at me?  Jason struck up a conversation anyways and 2 months later they began dating. In November of 2021, Jason proposed at Scarborough beach. Jason asked if she wanted to take a walk on the beach and she remembers just not feeling well but decided to go anyway. It was very cold but then he asked her if she wanted to spend forever with him and it was an offer she didn’t want to refuse.  52 days later they were married. On an even colder day but the friends and family that gathered warmed our hearts!


Congratulations Jason and Esther and I wish you much joy, health and happiness.


Venue - Atlantic Hall Cape Porpoise

Bridal Gown - Davids Bridal

Wedding Rings - LL Jeweler

Cake - Debra Sayer

Flowers - Friends and Family


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