Mrs Maine America Pageant | Double Tree Hotel | Portland Maine

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The Mrs. Maine America Pageant was held on April 11, 2021. The pageant was held at the DoubleTree Hotel in South Portland, Maine. Although covid hit last year, Deb Pronovost the Director of the pageant was able to organize the event and maintain the CDC guidelines. Keeping everyone safe and able to experience competing and supporting each of the contestants. 

MRS. MAINE AMERICA 2021 Results:

Mrs. Maine America 2021- Alecia Jack Mrs. Durham

1st RU-  Mrs. Maine American 2021 Amanda Shepard Mrs. Bar harbor

2nd RU- Whitley Nabintu Marshall Mrs. Portland 


Interview Award - Alecia Jack Mrs. Durham 

Swimsuit Award - Alecia Jack Mrs.   Durham

Evening Gown Award - Alecia Jack Mrs. Durham


MISS MAINE for AMERICA strong 2021 Final Results:

Miss Maine for America strong 2021-  Miss Patricia Schimpf Miss Hancock County

1st RU -- Deirdre Berube Miss  Monmouth


Interview Award -  Deirdre Berube Miss Monmouth

Swimsuit Award - Patricia Schimpf Miss Hancock County

Evening Gown Award - Patricia Schimpf Miss Hancock County

The ladies will be competing in nationals, in Las Vegas this summer in the hopes of becoming Mrs America and Miss for America Strong 2021. Thank you, ladies, for a wonderful afternoon. I can not wait to watch your journey and Mrs. Maine and Miss for America this next year.  

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Deb Pronovost is the Director of the Mrs. Maine America pageant. She works tirelessly to create a pageant that is virtually flawless. She has a passion for encouraging women to succeed in life and it is no wonder she received the Mrs. America, Director of the Year Award for 2021! Anyone who knows her can attest she has earned this recognition with countless hours, a passion for what she does, and genuine care for all those who participate in the pageant. We could not be more proud of her. Congratulations Deb!


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