Maine Wedding | Lisa & Andy | Bayview Beach Saco Maine

October 02, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Lisa and Andy met in February of 2019. They fell in love and during a family vacation at Copper Mountain in Colorado with Lisa's sons present, Andy proposed!  And she obviously said "YES"!

Lisa and Andy were married on September 25, 2021 surrounded by their closest friends and family. at Bayview Beach in Saco Maine. Their home state is Michigan and they chose Maine as their destination wedding site after falling in love with the state on vacation a few years back. The weather was calling for rain all week and miraculous the weather shifted causing the skies and the rays of the sun to show through. Please enjoy a glimpse of their beautiful wedding day. 



Cake - Rielly's Bakery

Photographer - Susan Costa Photographer

Flowers - Jordan's Floral

Food - Luke's Lobster


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