Maine Wedding | Kelly & Eric | DiMillo's on the Water | Portland Maine

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Eric and Kelly first met in February of 2012 on a dating website called Catholic Match dot com. They talked online for a bit before deciding to finally meet at Otto’s pizza in Portland. The two of them slowly fell in love as they got to know each other over time. They had always talked of marriage, but Eric didn’t propose until June of 2019. He bought a ring and showed it to her family, who he had also grown to love, and they all kept it a secret from Kelly. That was until June when the two of them went on vacation in Savannah, Georgia, and Hilton Head NC. Kelly was caught completely off guard and it was a beautiful and emotional moment. After that, the planning began and the two of them decided on an October wedding in 2021.

They were married at Grace Baptist Church on October 9, 2021. They were surrounded by friends and family. The day was beautiful and seasonably warm. Eric and Kelly have a wonderful sense of humor, and they complement each other so nicely. The reception was at Dumillo's restaurant in the heart of the Old Port in Portland, Maine. 

Kelly and Eric are currently building a new home, and plan on building their life there filled with new traditions, friends, and family. 



Engagement ring and wedding Bands - Days Jewelers 

Groom and Usher attire - Men's Ware House - South Portland

Bridal Gown, and Bridemaids Dresses - Andrea's Bridal

Ceremony Location - Grace Baptist Church - Gorham

Venue - DilMillo's On the Water - Portland

DJ - Ed McCurdy - Orrington Maine

Cake - The Cookie Jar - South Portland

FLowers - Celeste Millette - Biddeford

Photographer - Susan Costa Photography

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