Maine Wedding | Brittany & Chase | Wishing Pond Events | Dayton Maine

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Chase and Brittany were married on September 26, 2020 with friends and family surrounding them. Their beautiful venue and perfect weather made for the outmost perfect day. 

Chase and Brittany met through mutual friends 5 1/2 years ago when they both needed it the most. Within a couple of weeks of meeting, the sparks flew and they both knew this is where they wanted to be. 

Chase proposed to Brittany on December 22, 2018. It was just the two of them which made the moment even more intimate. Chase also knew if he took her somewhere special, she would figure out what was going to happen. They’ve become not only partners in life but best friends.

Venue- Wishing Pond Events

Dresses- David’s Bridal 

Tuxes- Men’s Warehouse 

Photographer - Susan Costa Photography

Rings- Manly Bands and Jared’s

Catering- MAC’S BBQ

Bartender- Sips and Saddles 

Dj- DJ Tiny Dancer 

Cake- Candice Simeoni

Hair & Make up- Katarina Belanger


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