Maine Wedding | Amelia & Jordan | Spring Hill | Berwick Maine

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I was so happy to be apart of Amelia and Jordan's wedding day on June 15, 2019. It was a beautiful summer day, filled with a mix of sun and clouds. It was a very warm 80-degree day and just perfect. 

Amelia and Jordan met for the first time in middle school and slowly became friends over the course of high school. They ended up going to the same college and continued their friendship there. Amelia's sophomore year and Jordan's junior year, they finally started to date! And it’s been a wonderful 8 years together. Fun fact,  Amelia admits she had a crush since the day they met when she was just fourteen years old. 

Proposal: Jordan proposed by tricking Amelia on December 3, 2017. She had been working twelve hour shifts everyday for quite some time and I was let off early that day. Her parents had come up to visit and cut down their Christmas trees and they had dropped it off at my house for us. I came home from work and Jordan was all weird and excited and kept telling me to go out onto the deck and look at their Christmas tree. She was too busy marveling at the fact that he had maneuvered the ten foot tree up on to the deck and put it in the stand by himself to notice that he had placed a jewelry box underneath. He finally convinced her to go outside (after much arguing because she had a cold and was so tired from work!) and I saw the box. Knowing his twisted sense of humor- she was convinced the box held earrings and Amelia was a bit annoyed when she asked him if this was a joke because she didn’t have the patience for it that day. But no-it was in fact a ring and her attitude quickly changed and apologized for being sassy! 

The wedding was set in Berwick at Spring Hill. The grounds were so lush and smelled of flowers. They had two sweet flower girls and two ring bearers.  Amelia's bride's maids and maid of honor were stunning in their rose gold gowns. The guys wore navy blue suits with a white tie.  Amelia looked breathe taking in her mermaid gown with lace. Jordan and Amelia were surrounded by close friends and family.  Congratulations Mr & Mrs.Bonina.

Wedding Vendors

Band: Dave Macklin Band

Officiant: Reverend Bruce Bardon

Hair and Makeup: Salon Loka

Gown:  Dress from Sposabella Bridal

Suits: Generation Tux

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