Susan Costa Photography: Blog en-us Susan Costa Photography [email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Sat, 18 Nov 2023 17:23:00 GMT Sat, 18 Nov 2023 17:23:00 GMT Susan Costa Photography: Blog 80 120 Evelyns 10th Birthday Party | Measuring Up Cooking For Kids | Scarborough Maine Evelyn is turning 10 years old in early December. She decided she would like to celebrate with some of her friends at Measuring Up Cooking for Kids in Scarborough Maine. It was so cute. The girls each received an apron that they decorated and wore during the cooking class. They made homemade pasta and sauce. They were able to participate in the entire process. The experience was so positive! Happy birthday beautiful girl!

IMG_0483IMG_0483 IMG_0426IMG_0426 IMG_0427IMG_0427 IMG_0425IMG_0425 IMG_0428IMG_0428 IMG_0429IMG_0429 IMG_0430IMG_0430 IMG_0431IMG_0431 IMG_0432IMG_0432 IMG_0433IMG_0433 IMG_0436IMG_0436 IMG_0437IMG_0437 IMG_0438IMG_0438 IMG_0439IMG_0439 IMG_0440IMG_0440 IMG_0441IMG_0441 IMG_0442IMG_0442 IMG_0443IMG_0443 IMG_0444IMG_0444 IMG_0446IMG_0446 IMG_0447IMG_0447 IMG_0451IMG_0451 IMG_0453IMG_0453 IMG_0454IMG_0454 IMG_0455IMG_0455 IMG_0456IMG_0456 IMG_0457IMG_0457 IMG_0458IMG_0458 IMG_0460IMG_0460 IMG_0461IMG_0461 IMG_0462IMG_0462 IMG_0463IMG_0463 IMG_0464IMG_0464 IMG_0467IMG_0467 IMG_0469IMG_0469 IMG_0471IMG_0471 IMG_0473IMG_0473 IMG_0474IMG_0474 IMG_0485IMG_0485 IMG_0486IMG_0486 IMG_0487IMG_0487 IMG_0481IMG_0481 IMG_0482IMG_0482

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Maine Wedding | Nicole & Tom | Wishing Pond Event Center | Saco Main Nicole & Tom were married on October 21, 2023.  It was a very rainy, fall day however Tom & Nicole were so happy to be surrounded by their friends and family that it did not put a damper on their special celebration. Tom Is from the UK, and his family flew to America to be with Tom and Nicole and celebrate their union. 

Nicole and Tom looked amazing in their formal attire, and the venue was just beautfullly decorated in a fall theme!

Congratulations Tom & Nicole. . Much happiness to you both!


IMG_9246IMG_9246 IMG_9249IMG_9249 IMG_9259IMG_9259 IMG_9248IMG_9248 IMG_9260IMG_9260 IMG_9269IMG_9269 IMG_9273IMG_9273 IMG_9282IMG_9282 IMG_9285IMG_9285 IMG_9314IMG_9314 IMG_9229IMG_9229 IMG_9235IMG_9235 IMG_9292IMG_9292 7L2A76537L2A7653 7L2A76567L2A7656 7L2A76757L2A7675 7L2A76937L2A7693 7L2A77077L2A7707 7L2A77177L2A7717 7L2A77257L2A7725 7L2A77567L2A7756 7L2A77627L2A7762 IMG_9237IMG_9237 IMG_9295IMG_9295 IMG_9239IMG_9239 7L2A77837L2A7783 7L2A77927L2A7792 7L2A78267L2A7826 7L2A78507L2A7850 7L2A78607L2A7860 7L2A79097L2A7909 7L2A79447L2A7944 7L2A79407L2A7940 7L2A79897L2A7989 7L2A82397L2A8239 7L2A82527L2A8252 7L2A82567L2A8256 7L2A82617L2A8261 7L2A80487L2A8048 7L2A80507L2A8050 7L2A79357L2A7935 7L2A79467L2A7946 7L2A82117L2A8211 7L2A82057L2A8205 7L2A81837L2A8183 7L2A81597L2A8159 7L2A81507L2A8150 7L2A81637L2A8163 7L2A81397L2A8139 7L2A82687L2A8268 7L2A83017L2A8301 7L2A83117L2A8311 7L2A85607L2A8560 7L2A83207L2A8320 7L2A83227L2A8322 7L2A83307L2A8330 7L2A83387L2A8338 7L2A83957L2A8395 7L2A84407L2A8440 7L2A84567L2A8456 IMG_9304IMG_9304 7L2A84617L2A8461 7L2A84637L2A8463 7L2A84667L2A8466 IMG_9228IMG_9228 7L2A84807L2A8480 7L2A84837L2A8483 7L2A84877L2A8487 7L2A84887L2A8488 7L2A83807L2A8380 7L2A85377L2A8537 7L2A85427L2A8542 7L2A85457L2A8545 7L2A83727L2A8372 7L2A85807L2A8580 7L2A84787L2A8478 7L2A85147L2A8514

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Maine Wedding Photographer | Marcia & John | Mousam Lake | SUSAN COSTA PHOTOGRAPHY Marcia and John were married on August 5, 2023 at their home on Mousam Lake, Maine. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day. John and Marcia wanted to have their ceremony where they live and feel most comfortable. Their ceremony was right in front of the lake, and their friends and family watched them share their wedding vows.  Congratulations to Marcia & John. I wish you wonderful memories, and a life filled with love, health, adventure and happiness. 


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IMG_5584IMG_5584 IMG_5612IMG_5612 IMG_5618IMG_5618 7L2A65247L2A6524 7L2A65317L2A6531 7L2A65467L2A6546 7L2A65527L2A6552     



IMG_5654IMG_5654 IMG_5694IMG_5694 IMG_5703IMG_5703 IMG_5726IMG_5726 IMG_5758IMG_5758 IMG_5770IMG_5770  


IMG_5847IMG_5847 IMG_5911IMG_5911 IMG_6000IMG_6000 IMG_6004IMG_6004 7L2A66197L2A6619 7L2A6655 copy7L2A6655 copy 7L2A66347L2A6634 7L2A66467L2A6646 7L2A65067L2A6506 7L2A6625 copy7L2A6625 copy 7L2A65097L2A6509 7L2A6675-37L2A6675-3 7L2A66387L2A6638 7L2A6682 copy7L2A6682 copy 7L2A6695 copy7L2A6695 copy 7L2A65017L2A6501 7L2A65047L2A6504 7L2A65077L2A6507 7L2A67277L2A6727 7L2A65147L2A6514 7L2A67317L2A6731 7L2A67557L2A6755 7L2A65197L2A6519 IMG_6026IMG_6026 IMG_6032IMG_6032 IMG_6100IMG_6100

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Maine Wedding | River Winds Estate | Meghan & Cody | Saco Maine | SUSAN COSTA PHOTOGRAPHY Meghan & Cody were married on Saturday, July 29, 2023 at the River Winds Estate, in Saco Maine. Cody & Meghan met over 10 years ago at Ironstone Farm in Massachusetts. They both worked there with the horses and have been together since! They have stayed together through living in different states and countries, through multiple deployments and studying abroad. Meghan & Cody got engaged on top of a mountain in Romania. And prioritize traveling and having as many adventures as possible while spending time with family. They wedding was so beautiful, with sage, cream and purple accents. Meghan wore a stunning lace gown with her boots and Cody were his dress Navy uniform during the ceremony. They both love horses and one made an appearance for their special day. I wish you both many years together, filled with happiness, dreams, health and love.


Caterer:  Blue Elephant
DJ : Chris at Crown Entertainment (family friend)
GOWN: Chantilly place in Chelmsford 
Rings: Kay Jeweler
Flowers: Little River

7L2A48857L2A4885 7L2A4462 copy7L2A4462 copy 7L2A4307 copy7L2A4307 copy 7L2A4367 copy7L2A4367 copy 7L2A4323 copy7L2A4323 copy 7L2A4395 copy7L2A4395 copy 7L2A4325 copy7L2A4325 copy 7L2A4311 copy7L2A4311 copy 7L2A48767L2A4876 7L2A4351 copy7L2A4351 copy 7L2A4357 copy7L2A4357 copy 7L2A4400 copy7L2A4400 copy 7L2A4464 copy7L2A4464 copy 7L2A4361 copy7L2A4361 copy 7L2A4407 copy7L2A4407 copy 7L2A4388 copy7L2A4388 copy 7L2A4408 copy7L2A4408 copy 7L2A4424 copy7L2A4424 copy 7L2A4439 copy7L2A4439 copy 7L2A4458 copy7L2A4458 copy 7L2A44777L2A4477 7L2A44797L2A4479     

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[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Maine Barn Wedding River Winds Estates Saco Maine Tue, 01 Aug 2023 21:13:26 GMT
Maine Wedding | Nonantum Resort | Sarah & Kevin | Kennebunkport Maine | Susan Costa Photography Spoiler alert, an Irish man meets his wife in a bar. Everything about him was Irish. His red skin, smiling Irish eyes, even the bar where they first met was on Green Street. Everything about her was Italian. Her nurturing personality, with dark hair and dark eyes. The path to where they met was due to the luck of the Irish and the determination of the Italians. Everything about him was Boston. The way he didn't pronounce his R's. Everything about her was New York. The way she pronounced everything with conviction. But all that didn't matter when they saw each other. Kevin was drawn to her infectious beautiful smile, and Sarah couldn't look away from his captivating blue eyes. Kevin's fortitude led him to walk across the room, take Sarah's face in his hands, and give her a nice, light kiss. Much to Sarah's surprise, it was magical, and their worlds collided. From that night, they were inseparable, and as their soon to be favorite country song says, it was their last first kiss. They soon realized they were very similar. Both being the youngest of 5 children, and loving so many of the same things. Time spent hiking, golfing, going to the beach, and of course, love for all Boston sports teams, particularly the Red Sox! Kevin realized the passion Sarah had for her nieces and nephews and children in her profession, and Sarah realized the passion Kevin had for his children. And they joined this love and passion with Duncan, Ava, and Jackie, who, already the light of Kevin's life, very quickly became entrenched in Sarah's heart. And then Einstein and Rocky became forced friends, soon to be inseparable, and took care of each other in their old age. Similar to the beginning of their relationship happening by chance, having never been away together before, they chose Kennebunkport, Maine and The Nonantum Resort as their first trip together, which ultimately led them to choose The Nonantum to have their closest friends and family to celebrate their life together. Sarah & Kevin were married on July 21, 2023. Congrats to you both and I wish you a wonderful, healthy, & happy life together.

7L2A20097L2A2009 7L2A1638 copy7L2A1638 copy 7L2A1598 copya7L2A1598 copya 7L2A1608 copy7L2A1608 copy 7L2A1615 copy7L2A1615 copy 7L2A1619 copy7L2A1619 copy IMG_4350 copyIMG_4350 copy 7L2A16437L2A1643 7L2A16497L2A1649 7L2A1623 copy7L2A1623 copy 7L2A16627L2A1662 7L2A16677L2A1667 7L2A1695 copy7L2A1695 copy 7L2A1675 copy7L2A1675 copy 7L2A1689 copy7L2A1689 copy 7L2A1698 copy7L2A1698 copy 7L2A1709 copy7L2A1709 copy 7L2A1716 copy7L2A1716 copy 7L2A1737 copy7L2A1737 copy 7L2A1769 copy7L2A1769 copy 7L2A1742 copy7L2A1742 copy 7L2A1751 copy7L2A1751 copy 7L2A1598 copy7L2A1598 copy 7L2A17897L2A1789 7L2A1794 copy7L2A1794 copy 7L2A1799 copy7L2A1799 copy 7L2A1797 copy7L2A1797 copy 7L2A1812 copy7L2A1812 copy 7L2A1817 copy7L2A1817 copy 7L2A17917L2A1791 7L2A1828 copy7L2A1828 copy 7L2A1888 copy7L2A1888 copy 7L2A1925 copy7L2A1925 copy 7L2A19567L2A1956 7L2A1984 copy7L2A1984 copy 7L2A1907 copy7L2A1907 copy 7L2A1993 copy7L2A1993 copy 7L2A2017 copy7L2A2017 copy 7L2A2026 copy7L2A2026 copy IMG_4436 copyIMG_4436 copy IMG_4437 copyIMG_4437 copy IMG_4442 copyIMG_4442 copy IMG_4460 copyIMG_4460 copy IMG_4455 copyIMG_4455 copy IMG_4474 copyIMG_4474 copy 7L2A2015 copy7L2A2015 copy IMG_4500 copyIMG_4500 copy IMG_4499 copyIMG_4499 copy IMG_4509 copyIMG_4509 copy IMG_4481 copyIMG_4481 copy IMG_4516 copyIMG_4516 copy IMG_4525 copyIMG_4525 copy 7L2A2040 copy7L2A2040 copy IMG_4556 copyIMG_4556 copy IMG_4547 copyIMG_4547 copy IMG_4590 copyIMG_4590 copy IMG_4560 copyIMG_4560 copy IMG_4583 copyIMG_4583 copy IMG_4597 copyIMG_4597 copy 7L2A2080 copy7L2A2080 copy 7L2A2191 copy7L2A2191 copy 7L2A2144 copy7L2A2144 copy 7L2A2156 copy7L2A2156 copy 7L2A2149 copy7L2A2149 copy 7L2A2177 copy7L2A2177 copy IMG_4713 copyIMG_4713 copy IMG_4400 copyIMG_4400 copy IMG_4610 copyIMG_4610 copy IMG_4641 copyIMG_4641 copy IMG_4617 copyIMG_4617 copy IMG_4621IMG_4621 IMG_4612 copyIMG_4612 copy IMG_4648 copyIMG_4648 copy IMG_4422 copyIMG_4422 copy IMG_4418 copyIMG_4418 copy 7L2A2210 copy7L2A2210 copy 7L2A2213 copy7L2A2213 copy 7L2A2215 copy7L2A2215 copy 7L2A22467L2A2246 7L2A2214 copy7L2A2214 copy IMG_4415 copyIMG_4415 copy 7L2A22637L2A2263 7L2A2306 copy7L2A2306 copy 7L2A2286 copy7L2A2286 copy 7L2A2358 copy7L2A2358 copy 7L2A2298 copy7L2A2298 copy 7L2A2368 copy7L2A2368 copy 7L2A2372 copy7L2A2372 copy IMG_4407 copyIMG_4407 copy 7L2A2393 copy7L2A2393 copy 7L2A2403 copy7L2A2403 copy 7L2A24587L2A2458 7L2A24637L2A2463 7L2A24737L2A2473 7L2A24597L2A2459 IMG_4708 copyIMG_4708 copy IMG_4711 copyIMG_4711 copy 7L2A2203 copy7L2A2203 copy

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Maine Wedding | Courtney & AJ | River Winds Estate | Saco Maine Courtney and AJ attended the same high school, where they met and started to join each other’s, friend groups. After planning all day during a busy school day, AJ had the idea to ask Courtney to prom. He had to quite literally chase her down in the parking lot to ask her (she knew he was planning to ask and was hoping he’d just send a text instead). After catching her, she said “yes” … for the first time. They planned for a first date to come later that week. Their first date was accompanied by a few of their friends due to the nerves of a first date. They enjoyed each other’s silliness so much, they spent pretty much every day together after school. 

Years later, after both graduating college, making new friends, and living in two separate states from each other, they moved in together in Raymond, Maine. This quickly became their favorite place to be. 

Courtney and Aj were married on Saturday, July 15, 2023 at The River Winds Farm & Estates. It was a very warm, sunny, 90 degree day. Courtney had a beautiful lace gown, and AJ wore a grey suit which looked spectacular. They are currently living in Pennsylvania but wanted to be married in Maine were they spent so much time getting to know each other. Their friends and family all came together and enjoyed such a beautiful ceremony. With a special appears from the adorable dog. I wish you both so much love, joy and happiness together.


DRESS - David's Bridal


MUA - Salon Roka

DJ -Mobile Video Photography 

VENUE - River Winds Estate

IMG_2867 copyIMG_2867 copy IMG_2442IMG_2442 7L2A12667L2A1266 7L2A12347L2A1234 7L2A0638 copy7L2A0638 copy IMG_2453 copyIMG_2453 copy 7L2A0618 copy7L2A0618 copy 7L2A0634 copy7L2A0634 copy 7L2A0622 copy7L2A0622 copy 7L2A06737L2A0673 7L2A0668 copy7L2A0668 copy 7L2A0645 copy7L2A0645 copy IMG_2560 copyIMG_2560 copy IMG_2434IMG_2434 IMG_2428IMG_2428 IMG_2464 copyIMG_2464 copy IMG_2466 copyIMG_2466 copy IMG_2478 copyIMG_2478 copy 7L2A0663 copy7L2A0663 copy 7L2A0644 copy7L2A0644 copy IMG_2467IMG_2467 IMG_2492 copyIMG_2492 copy IMG_2482IMG_2482 IMG_2495 copyIMG_2495 copy IMG_2535 copyIMG_2535 copy IMG_2529IMG_2529 IMG_2555 copyIMG_2555 copy IMG_2519 copyIMG_2519 copy IMG_2538 copyIMG_2538 copy IMG_2594IMG_2594 IMG_2578-2 copyIMG_2578-2 copy IMG_2567 copyIMG_2567 copy IMG_2608 copyIMG_2608 copy IMG_2622 copyIMG_2622 copy IMG_2690 copyIMG_2690 copy IMG_2626 copyIMG_2626 copy IMG_2724 copyIMG_2724 copy IMG_2717 copyIMG_2717 copy IMG_2734 copyIMG_2734 copy IMG_2745 copyIMG_2745 copy IMG_2760IMG_2760    IMG_2764IMG_2764

IMG_2771IMG_2771 IMG_2775IMG_2775 IMG_2801 copyIMG_2801 copy


IMG_2805 copyIMG_2805 copy

IMG_2808 copyIMG_2808 copy IMG_2810 copyIMG_2810 copy IMG_2825 copyIMG_2825 copy IMG_2870IMG_2870 7L2A13007L2A1300 7L2A12927L2A1292 7L2A12967L2A1296 7L2A12887L2A1288 7L2A13497L2A1349


7L2A13587L2A1358    7L2A13707L2A1370 7L2A13817L2A1381 7L2A14007L2A1400 7L2A14097L2A1409 7L2A14277L2A1427 7L2A1452_17L2A1452_1 7L2A14627L2A1462 7L2A14527L2A1452 7L2A14707L2A1470 7L2A14737L2A1473 IMG_2886IMG_2886 IMG_2898 copyIMG_2898 copy IMG_2906 copyIMG_2906 copy IMG_2914IMG_2914 IMG_2929IMG_2929 IMG_2938 copyIMG_2938 copy 7L2A0714 copy7L2A0714 copy 7L2A0705 copy7L2A0705 copy 7L2A0732 copy7L2A0732 copy 7L2A0829 copy7L2A0829 copy 7L2A0841 copy7L2A0841 copy 7L2A0712 copy7L2A0712 copy 7L2A0859 copy7L2A0859 copy 7L2A0795 copy7L2A0795 copy 7L2A0692 copy7L2A0692 copy 7L2A1179 copy 27L2A1179 copy 2 7L2A1204 copy7L2A1204 copy 7L2A1104 copy 27L2A1104 copy 2 7L2A0876 copy7L2A0876 copy 7L2A1197 copy7L2A1197 copy 7L2A12717L2A1271 7L2A12417L2A1241 IMG_2978IMG_2978 IMG_2976IMG_2976 IMG_2977IMG_2977 IMG_2981IMG_2981 IMG_3041 copyIMG_3041 copy 7L2A12197L2A1219 7L2A12627L2A1262

IMG_3048 copyIMG_3048 copy

IMG_3084 copyIMG_3084 copy IMG_3055 copyIMG_3055 copy IMG_3082 copyIMG_3082 copy IMG_3087 copyIMG_3087 copy IMG_3226IMG_3226    IMG_3232IMG_3232 IMG_3251IMG_3251 7L2A12657L2A1265 IMG_3189IMG_3189 IMG_3199IMG_3199 IMG_3196IMG_3196 IMG_3198IMG_3198 IMG_3200IMG_3200 IMG_3194IMG_3194 IMG_3206IMG_3206     IMG_2983IMG_2983 IMG_2984IMG_2984 IMG_3208 copyIMG_3208 copy  

IMG_3285 copyIMG_3285 copy IMG_3288 copyIMG_3288 copy

7L2A12697L2A1269 IMG_2991IMG_2991








IMG_3304IMG_3304 IMG_3326 copyIMG_3326 copy IMG_2992IMG_2992 IMG_2993IMG_2993 7L2A1546 copy7L2A1546 copy 7L2A1549 copy7L2A1549 copy 7L2A1540 copy7L2A1540 copy 7L2A1528 copy7L2A1528 copy 7L2A1577 copy7L2A1577 copy 7L2A1566 copy7L2A1566 copy 7L2A1502 copy7L2A1502 copy 7L2A1483 copy7L2A1483 copy


[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) River Winds Estates Sun, 23 Jul 2023 01:14:39 GMT
Maine Wedding | Ben & Claire | Joseph’s By The Sea | Pine Point Ben & Claire were marry on June 21, 2023 at Joesph's By the Sea in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.
Ben and Claire are the two most sweetest couple ever! Knowing the weather was calling for rain on their wedding day, this did not damper their positive attitude! We were so grateful the rain held off until later in the day, so they were able to have their first look and ceremony at one of their most favorite places, Pine Point. Their day was filled with family and dear friends. Claire had the most beautiful laced gown. Ben had a custom made suit lined with a map of Pine Point! It was quit extraordinary! 

Claire and Ben resides in Saco, Maine with the daughter Hazel. Congratulations to this amazing couple and I wish you a wonderful and blessed life together.

Flowers from Broadturn Farm
Dress, veil and headpiece from Andrea’s
Hair and makeup by Acapello Salon
Bride’s shoes from Badgley Mischka
Suit from Joseph’s of Portland
Groom’s shoes from Wolf and Sheperd

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[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Joseph's By The Sea Maine Wedding Fri, 30 Jun 2023 18:48:08 GMT
Nonantum Resort Wedding | Ryan & Meredith | Kennebunkport Maine | Maine Wedding Photographer Ryan and Meredith were married on Saturday, June 10, 2023 at the beautiful Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport, Maine. The weather was a little up and down throughout the day, but in the end the sun was shining when it needed to be. The colors of the day were blues, pinks and greens. As you will see, the flowers were just so vibrant and beautiful and complimented the entire day.  Meredith's gown was so elegant and made my Vera Wang. Ryan's suit complimented his blue eyes. The entire day was filled with close friends and family! There was so much love surrounding the couple. Who knew two people from Boston, who meet at the Port Hole in Portland, Maine would some day be man and wife. We all wish you both a beautiful life together. 


Flowers & Decor - Minka Flowers
Band - Jim Ciampi BandGown - Vera Wang
Sailboat - Pineapple Ketch
Linens - BBJ La Tavola 
Invitation Suite and Signage - El’s Cards 
Wedding Venue - Nonantum Resort
Band - Jim Ciampi Band
Gown - Vera Wang
Make up - Golden Bridal Artistry
Hair - Peter Fabiano of Salon Fabiano


7L2A0025 copy7L2A0025 copy

7L2A0001 copy7L2A0001 copy 7L2A0012 copy 27L2A0012 copy 2

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7L2A0053 copy7L2A0053 copy IMG_9058 copyIMG_9058 copy 7L2A0055 copy7L2A0055 copy IMG_9021 copyIMG_9021 copy IMG_9027IMG_9027 IMG_9034IMG_9034 IMG_9048IMG_9048 IMG_9073IMG_9073 IMG_9079IMG_9079 7L2A0006 copy7L2A0006 copy IMG_9089 copyIMG_9089 copy IMG_9101 copyIMG_9101 copy IMG_9111 copyIMG_9111 copy IMG_9117 copyIMG_9117 copy IMG_9129 copyIMG_9129 copy IMG_8994 copyIMG_8994 copy IMG_9226 copyIMG_9226 copy 7L2A0078 copy7L2A0078 copy 7L2A0087 copy7L2A0087 copy IMG_9154 copyIMG_9154 copy 7L2A0088 copy7L2A0088 copy 7L2A0094 copy7L2A0094 copy   7L2A0101 copy7L2A0101 copy 7L2A0130 copy7L2A0130 copy 7L2A0134 copy7L2A0134 copy

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IMG_9185 copyIMG_9185 copy IMG_9230bwIMG_9230bw

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[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Maine Weddings Nonantum Resort Mon, 12 Jun 2023 16:27:24 GMT
Personal Branding Session | Lizzie | Maine Photographer | Susan Costa Photography Working with Lizzie during her personal branding session was so inspirational. As you will read she is an accomplish, caring, vibrant women who does not let life get in the way of he dreams. 

Lizzie is a pediatric hospitalist who has worked in major institutions in New England for the past 10 years. She holds a master's degree in healthcare leadership and hopes to work toward a career as an entrepreneur in preventive medicine as well as focus on advocacy and policy change. 
Lizzie is actively involved in the community as a volunteer with the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing and with the American Lung Association in Maine. Having lost her mother in 2022 after a 7-year battle with terminal lung cancer, She has volunteered and been a philanthropist with these organizations for the past 8 years. This year Lizzie traveled to Washington DC as the Maine/NH Lung Force Hero to advocate for lung cancer research and treatment funding. She will speak at the largest American Lung Association fundraiser the 'Trek Across Maine' as the Spirit of the Trek. She will also participate as a rider and training coordinator in the 180-mile cycling event. She has been the cycling training coordinator for the Dempsey Challenge. Over the past two years she has been a major donor to the 'Space to Breathe' program, a week-long retreat for teenagers whose parents or siblings are fighting or have passed from cancer. This year Lizzie will be a volunteer with the program. 
Lizzie is an avid athlete, sailor and artist. She grows a garden and is a passionate cook. 
IMG_7941IMG_7941 IMG_7594IMG_7594 IMG_7560IMG_7560 IMG_7822IMG_7822 IMG_7730IMG_7730 IMG_7647IMG_7647 IMG_7751IMG_7751 IMG_7832IMG_7832 IMG_7713IMG_7713 IMG_7890IMG_7890 IMG_7968IMG_7968

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Branding Maine Session Tue, 30 May 2023 18:34:17 GMT
Maine Photographer | Kaylee & Joey Engagement Session | Kettle Cove | Cape Elizabeth Kaylee and Joey met in high school. Joey was a freshmen and Kaylee was the older women just a junior. They have know each other since they were 15 and 16. They enjoy spending time together outside and with friends and family. Joey proposed to Kaylee on Valentines Day 2021 when they were out to lunch. They have two adorable dogs, Opey & Maverick. They are planning a Rustic them in the barn and outdoor ceremony on June, 1, 2024.  You would not believe how gusty it was during their engagement session. They were both so positive and just happy to be together. Enjoy the beautiful photos of Kaylee and Joey.


IMG_7098 copyIMG_7098 copy IMG_7184 copyIMG_7184 copy IMG_7294 copyIMG_7294 copy IMG_7192 copyIMG_7192 copy IMG_7257 copyIMG_7257 copy IMG_7360 copyIMG_7360 copy IMG_7196 copyIMG_7196 copy IMG_7201 copyIMG_7201 copy IMG_7234 copyIMG_7234 copy IMG_7363 copyIMG_7363 copy IMG_7306 copyIMG_7306 copy IMG_7241 copyIMG_7241 copy IMG_7270 copyIMG_7270 copy IMG_7365 copyIMG_7365 copy IMG_7129 copyIMG_7129 copy

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) engagement Maine session Sun, 21 May 2023 20:29:17 GMT
Flowers That Feed 23 | Maine Photographer | Susan Costa | Coolidge Family Farm On Saturday, May 13th, artists and fashion designers from Maine and beyond gathered at Coolidge Family Farm in New Gloucester to raise funds for the Good Shepherd Food Bank. Their 2nd Annual Flowers that Feed show was more epic than before!

They kicked off the evening with a "SIP & SHOP" event under an outdoor tented area prior to the show from 5:30-7:00. Champagne was flowing and vendors were be available with their wares. Attendees mingle, shop, and sip! Door's opened at 7:00!

The 2023 show consisted of a few repeat designers that we LOVE revealing their new lines, as well as, new designers from NYFW, Golf Coast Fashion Week, and more to showcase their designs! Featuring Nova Threadz, Earth Spirit Jewels, D Deb designs, ArtbyBen Designs, and more!! Most everything will be up for sale, so if you saw or are seeing something you like be sure to snap a photo! Adding to the excitement, there was a few dance performances by Veeva Banga, Liza May, and Sisters Phoenix!!

Thank you Misty Coolidge and Whitley Nabintu Marshall organizing the event and to all who participate in the event to make is so successful!  


IMG_5728 copyIMG_5728 copy IMG_5721 copyIMG_5721 copy IMG_5737IMG_5737 IMG_5727IMG_5727 IMG_5733IMG_5733 IMG_5739 copyIMG_5739 copy IMG_5813IMG_5813 IMG_5817IMG_5817 IMG_5713IMG_5713 IMG_5835IMG_5835 IMG_5843_1IMG_5843_1 IMG_5846IMG_5846 IMG_5792IMG_5792   IMG_5851 copyIMG_5851 copy IMG_5865IMG_5865 IMG_5872IMG_5872 IMG_5881IMG_5881 IMG_5889IMG_5889 IMG_5904IMG_5904 IMG_5940IMG_5940 IMG_5954IMG_5954 IMG_5973IMG_5973 IMG_6003 copyIMG_6003 copy IMG_6016 copyIMG_6016 copy IMG_6041IMG_6041 IMG_6057IMG_6057 IMG_6064IMG_6064 IMG_6072IMG_6072 IMG_6110 copyIMG_6110 copy IMG_6121IMG_6121 IMG_6132IMG_6132 IMG_6140IMG_6140 IMG_6145IMG_6145 IMG_6152IMG_6152 IMG_6158 copyIMG_6158 copy IMG_6175IMG_6175 IMG_6180IMG_6180 IMG_6190 copyIMG_6190 copy IMG_6199IMG_6199 IMG_6217 copyIMG_6217 copy IMG_6232 copyIMG_6232 copy IMG_6237 copyIMG_6237 copy IMG_6259 copyIMG_6259 copy IMG_6290 copyIMG_6290 copy IMG_6296 copyIMG_6296 copy IMG_6313 copyIMG_6313 copy IMG_6329 copyIMG_6329 copy IMG_6337 copyIMG_6337 copy IMG_6370 copyIMG_6370 copy IMG_6384 copyIMG_6384 copy IMG_6390 copyIMG_6390 copy IMG_6393 copyIMG_6393 copy IMG_6407 copyIMG_6407 copy IMG_6414 copyIMG_6414 copy IMG_6422 copyIMG_6422 copy IMG_6433 copyIMG_6433 copy IMG_6454 copyIMG_6454 copy IMG_6461 copyIMG_6461 copy IMG_6473 copyIMG_6473 copy IMG_6480 copyIMG_6480 copy IMG_6488 copyIMG_6488 copy IMG_6495 copyIMG_6495 copy IMG_6501 copyIMG_6501 copy IMG_6508 copyIMG_6508 copy IMG_6521 copyIMG_6521 copy IMG_6528 copyIMG_6528 copy IMG_6534 copyIMG_6534 copy IMG_6542 copyIMG_6542 copy IMG_6564 copyIMG_6564 copy IMG_6572 copyIMG_6572 copy IMG_6580 copyIMG_6580 copy IMG_6593 copyIMG_6593 copy IMG_6604 copyIMG_6604 copy IMG_6607 copyIMG_6607 copy IMG_6616 copyIMG_6616 copy IMG_6666 copyIMG_6666 copy IMG_6688 copyIMG_6688 copy IMG_6739 copyIMG_6739 copy IMG_6773 copyIMG_6773 copy


[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Coolidge Family Farm Maine Photographer Saco Maine Tue, 16 May 2023 20:26:11 GMT
Maine Photographer | Angela | Personal Branding | Portland Maine Angela was ready to move forward with her new career. She wanted some elevate images to show where she was going! She is venturing into the real estate market, and wanted something that would show her personality and what she can offer. A personal branding session are a collaborative effort between a client and a photographer.  It takes time to work through what you want to accomplish. Next picking your wardrobe, hair and make up plays a role.  Most important feeling confident in who you are and what life has instore for you. Let your dreams shine and go for it!

IMG_3806IMG_3806 IMG_3809IMG_3809 IMG_3926IMG_3926 IMG_3967IMG_3967 IMG_4020IMG_4020 IMG_4042IMG_4042 IMG_4057IMG_4057 IMG_4150IMG_4150 IMG_4213IMG_4213

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Branding Maine Session Tue, 02 May 2023 19:03:09 GMT
Maine Wedding Photographer I Meredith & Ryan | Pine Point Engagement Session Meet Meredith, Ryan & Seamus. They are getting married in June at the Nonantum Resort in Kennebunk, Maine.  They wanted to get together to have some fun before their wedding. I can not tell you how fun it was. It is so important to feel comfortable in front of the camera before wedding day. And what better way than to have a practice round before your big day. Meredith and Ryan are from Massachusetts but love Maine. We choose two shoot at Pine Point. Pay special attend to the adorable little fur baby, Seamus!! I can not wait until June 10!

M&R187M&R187 M&R102M&R102 M&R107M&R107 M&R109M&R109 M&R111M&R111 M&R113M&R113 M&R117M&R117 M&R123M&R123 M&R130M&R130 M&R133M&R133 M&R138M&R138 M&R151M&R151 M&R158M&R158 M&R162M&R162 M&R164M&R164 M&R170M&R170 M&R181M&R181   M&R183M&R183 M&R185M&R185 M&R189M&R189

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Maine Wedding Photographer Nonantum Resort Senior Sessions Tue, 02 May 2023 18:18:26 GMT
Maine Photographer | Ben & Claire Engagement Session | Pine Point Scarborough Ben & Claire will marry in June at Joesph's By the Sea in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I was so happy to be able to meet and get to know them better before their wedding. I was especially excited to meet 7 year old Hazel. We shared so many laughs. The weather was beautiful but very blustery however we made it work. Pine Point is where Ben grew up and so it made it that much more special. I can not wait to see them again in June. 

IMG_2035IMG_2035 IMG_2023IMG_2023 IMG_1825IMG_1825 IMG_1830.IMG_1830. IMG_2174IMG_2174 IMG_2213IMG_2213 IMG_1842IMG_1842 IMG_1981IMG_1981 IMG_1928IMG_1928 IMG_1817IMG_1817 IMG_2128IMG_2128 IMG_2229IMG_2229 IMG_2183IMG_2183 IMG_2218IMG_2218

IMG_1937 copyIMG_1937 copy

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Maine Photographer Maine wedding Photographer Mon, 27 Mar 2023 23:06:27 GMT
Maine Photographer | Smith Family | Camp Ellis | Saco Maine IMG_8568IMG_8568 IMG_8738IMG_8738 IMG_8634IMG_8634 IMG_8760IMG_8760 IMG_8805IMG_8805 IMG_8809IMG_8809 IMG_8820IMG_8820


[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Personal branding Fri, 10 Feb 2023 17:51:10 GMT
Maine Engagement Session | Goose Rocks Beach | Julia & Anderson | Maine Photographer AJ 100655AJ 100655 AJ 100666AJ 100666 AJ 100674AJ 100674 AJ 100675AJ 100675 AJ 100676AJ 100676 AJ 100695AJ 100695 AJ 100696AJ 100696 AJ 100699AJ 100699 AJ 100700AJ 100700  

AJ 100668AJ 100668

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Maine Wedding Photographer Nonantum Resort Kennebunkport Saco Maine Fri, 30 Dec 2022 21:17:28 GMT
Nonantum Resort Wedding | Anderson & Julia | Kennebunkport Maine | Maine Wedding Photographer If you have ever been around Julia and Anderson, you can testify they were meant to be. The way they look at each other just gives you goosebumps. Julia's laugh is infectious, and Anderson's GQ looks made it very easy on my end. They were so easy to photograph because they just fit so well together, and I knew their wedding day would be just spectacular. Enjoy a glimpse into their wedding day. 

Anderson and Julia met a few years ago via the interwebs, and stayed in touch. They reconnected after Julia slid into Anderson's DMs to chat about a country concert Anderson attended, and then continued based on their mutual love of Australia. Their first date was in the midst of COVID, and with very few restaurants open, they ended up at a local Boston bar where there was no shortage of conversation. Some might say the rest is history. A few months later, after Julia had recently finished the Boston Marathon, the two jet-setted off to Greece where Anderson got down on one knee with the beautiful Santorini as their backdrop.

Julia knew her wedding had to be in Maine. When thinking about where to get married, it was a no-brainer for her. Her family has owned property at Goose Rocks Beach since the 60s, and they have summered there ever since. It was the constant in her life, and the views weren't horrible either :) 

7L2A8145 copy7L2A8145 copy
0C8A37890C8A3789 0C8A37920C8A3792 0C8A38020C8A3802 0C8A37930C8A3793 0C8A38160C8A3816 7L2A72287L2A7228 Julia and Anderson created a wedding website, and when I was reading through the bios of Julia's 7 bridesmaids, it was clear she had some friendships that have lasted for up to 20+ years. It was filled with great stories of how they met and what keeps them together. Look how cute they all looked in their matching jammies!

7L2A7247 copy7L2A7247 copy

7L2A7251 copy7L2A7251 copy

7L2A8150 copy7L2A8150 copy

7L2A7266 copy7L2A7266 copy 7L2A7267 copy7L2A7267 copy 7L2A72817L2A7281

7L2A7295 copy7L2A7295 copy Julia's wedding gown was right out of an Audrey Hepburn movie: so classic and perfect. Julia really had such a vision for every detail of her wedding. Her bridesmaids were almost in tears when they saw her in her wedding gown for the first time.

7L2A7236 copy7L2A7236 copy 7L2A7330 copy7L2A7330 copy 7L2A7347 copy7L2A7347 copy 7L2A7361 copy7L2A7361 copy 7L2A7373 copy7L2A7373 copy 7L2A7396 copy7L2A7396 copy

In terms of the guys? Well, what can I say? They had rented a house 3 minutes from the wedding venue, and let me say, they sure seemed very relaxed when I arrived. Anderson and his wedding party wore blue suits, and each had a special liner hand-picked by each of the 6 groomsmen. I found them hanging out watching TV with a beer in hand. Anderson also had long-term friendships with each of his groomsmen; especially his two brothers. 

7L2A70727L2A7072 7L2A70747L2A7074 7L2A70767L2A7076 7L2A70777L2A7077 7L2A70947L2A7094 7L2A70967L2A7096 7L2A71017L2A7101 7L2A71037L2A7103 7L2A71097L2A7109 7L2A71117L2A7111 7L2A71287L2A7128 7L2A71367L2A7136 7L2A71577L2A7157 7L2A71617L2A7161 7L2A71827L2A7182 7L2A71927L2A7192 7L2A71987L2A7198 7L2A72057L2A7205 7L2A72147L2A7214

The first look with Julia's dad, William, was very sweet. 

7L2A7307 copy7L2A7307 copy 7L2A7314 copy7L2A7314 copy 7L2A7418 copy7L2A7418 copy 7L2A7427 copy7L2A7427 copy

7L2A7438 copy7L2A7438 copy

7L2A7311 copy7L2A7311 copy

The first look between the bride and groom really is such an intimate moment. The moment the groom turns around to see his bride for the first time can be very emotional. Anderson was speechless when he saw Julia in her wedding gown. There were a few on-lookers that cheered them on. But on my gosh, don't they both look like they walked out of Real Maine Wedding Magazine? 

7L2A7503 copy7L2A7503 copy 7L2A75087L2A7508 7L2A7520 copy7L2A7520 copy 7L2A7524 copy7L2A7524 copy 7L2A7553 copy7L2A7553 copy 7L2A7564 copy7L2A7564 copy

The Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport is like no other wedding venue in Maine. They have such a spectacular property with beautiful flowers, dockside views of the ocean, and of course a sailboat. Traditionally, the groom and groomsmen sail off for about an hour to do, well, whatever groomsmen do on a sailboat right before their friend gets married. They return just moments before the ceremony begins. 

7L2A8162 copy7L2A8162 copy 7L2A8170 copy7L2A8170 copy 7L2A8177 copy7L2A8177 copy 7L2A8181 copy7L2A8181 copy 7L2A8187 copy7L2A8187 copy 7L2A8195 copy7L2A8195 copy 7L2A8200 copy7L2A8200 copy 7L2A8213 copy7L2A8213 copy 7L2A8217 copy7L2A8217 copy 7L2A8235 copy7L2A8235 copy 7L2A8247 copy7L2A8247 copy 7L2A8256 copy7L2A8256 copy September 23, 2022 was a beautiful fall, sunny but very windy, day. The ceremony site was just breathtaking, with an arbor of flowers, and a live painter that was painting the bride and groom as they said their vows surrounded by family and friends. Julia's and Anderson's nephews were just precious as their ring bearers. Keep an eye out for their entrances.

7L2A8308 copy7L2A8308 copy 7L2A8321 copy7L2A8321 copy 7L2A8331 copy7L2A8331 copy 7L2A8366 copy7L2A8366 copy 7L2A8444 copy7L2A8444 copy 7L2A8453 copy7L2A8453 copy 7L2A8475 copy7L2A8475 copy

7L2A8491 copy7L2A8491 copy 7L2A8501 copy7L2A8501 copy 7L2A8515 copy7L2A8515 copy 7L2A8575 copy7L2A8575 copy

7L2A8540 copy7L2A8540 copy 7L2A8589 copy 27L2A8589 copy 2 7L2A8619 copy7L2A8619 copy 7L2A8638 copy7L2A8638 copy 7L2A8673 copy7L2A8673 copy IMG_4333 copyIMG_4333 copy

7L2A8684 copy7L2A8684 copy 7L2A8715 copy7L2A8715 copy 7L2A8718 copy7L2A8718 copy

Family and friends: that is what a wedding is all about. Having the people closest to you at one of the most special times in your life: your wedding day. 
7L2A8006-2 copy7L2A8006-2 copy

   7L2A8051 copy7L2A8051 copy 7L2A8063 copy7L2A8063 copy 7L2A8064 copy7L2A8064 copy

7L2A7650 copy7L2A7650 copy 7L2A7673 copy7L2A7673 copy 7L2A7692 copy7L2A7692 copy 7L2A7724 copy7L2A7724 copy 7L2A7870 copy7L2A7870 copy 7L2A7888 copy7L2A7888 copy

7L2A7965 copy7L2A7965 copy

7L2A7599 copy7L2A7599 copy

IMG_4409 copyIMG_4409 copy IMG_4421 copyIMG_4421 copy IMG_4438 copyIMG_4438 copy IMG_4442 copyIMG_4442 copy IMG_4443 copyIMG_4443 copy IMG_4452 copyIMG_4452 copy IMG_4502 copyIMG_4502 copy IMG_4506 copyIMG_4506 copy IMG_4509 copyIMG_4509 copy IMG_4513 copyIMG_4513 copy IMG_4519 copyIMG_4519 copy IMG_4522 copyIMG_4522 copy IMG_4526 copyIMG_4526 copy IMG_4531 copyIMG_4531 copy IMG_4535 copyIMG_4535 copy IMG_4537 copyIMG_4537 copy IMG_4538 copyIMG_4538 copy IMG_4543 copyIMG_4543 copy IMG_4589 copyIMG_4589 copy IMG_4591 copyIMG_4591 copy    IMG_4602 copyIMG_4602 copy IMG_4611 copyIMG_4611 copy IMG_4620 copyIMG_4620 copy IMG_4631 copyIMG_4631 copy IMG_4637 copyIMG_4637 copy IMG_4643 copyIMG_4643 copy Julia and Anderson's first dance was just so sweet to watch. It really was as if they were the only two in the room.

IMG_4557 copyIMG_4557 copy IMG_4561 copyIMG_4561 copy IMG_4566 copyIMG_4566 copy IMG_4587 copyIMG_4587 copy

Anderson and Julia both love to travel and are currently on their honeymoon in Mauritius! When home in Boston, they both love to try out new local restaurants and explore all that Boston/Hingham has to offer while Julia prepares for her next marathon in NYC. 
Congratulations Julia and Anderson!


Thank you, Julia and Anderson, and Congrats to you both!



Venue.- Nonantum Resort

Flowers - Minka Flowers

Photographer -  yourself :)

Videographer - TBA Productions

Hair & Makeup - CB Bridal Creations

Band - Cover Story Entertainment



[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Maine Weddings Nonantum Resort Fri, 30 Sep 2022 23:50:42 GMT
Maine Wedding | Jake & Lindsey | Coolidge Family Farm | New Gloucester Jake and Lindsey were married on September 10, 2022, at Coolidge Farm Farm, in New Gloucester, Maine. Jake and Lindsey met in 2017 and have been together ever since. The barn venue was beautiful, the day was sunny and very warm. Family and friends surrounded Jake and Lindsay as they exchanged their vows. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Powers.


Flowers: Posh Posies 

Rings: Days Jewelers 

Dj: Matt James Entertainment

Videographer: Good Eye Productions 

Venue: Coolidge Family Farm

Food: Coastal Critter Clambake

Bar: Maine Mixology 

Hair: Possibilities Salon - Nicole French

Make Up: Bay beauty Abby McClellan

Photographer; Susan Costa Photography




0C8A1389 copy0C8A1389 copy 0C8A13730C8A1373 0C8A13820C8A1382 0C8A1395 copy0C8A1395 copy 0C8A1402 copy0C8A1402 copy 0C8A1408 copy0C8A1408 copy 0C8A1414 copy0C8A1414 copy 0C8A14190C8A1419 0C8A1441 copy0C8A1441 copy 0C8A1456 copy0C8A1456 copy 0C8A1460 copy0C8A1460 copy 0C8A1464 copy0C8A1464 copy 0C8A1474 copy0C8A1474 copy 0C8A1479 copy0C8A1479 copy 0C8A14870C8A1487 0C8A14960C8A1496 0C8A15040C8A1504 0C8A15080C8A1508 0C8A1529 copy0C8A1529 copy 0C8A1539 copy0C8A1539 copy 0C8A1549 copy0C8A1549 copy 0C8A1557 copy0C8A1557 copy 0C8A15740C8A1574 0C8A15720C8A1572 0C8A15850C8A1585 0C8A15860C8A1586 0C8A1589 copy0C8A1589 copy 0C8A1590 copy0C8A1590 copy 0C8A1601 copy0C8A1601 copy 0C8A1619 copy0C8A1619 copy 0C8A1623 copy0C8A1623 copy 0C8A1627 copy0C8A1627 copy 0C8A16310C8A1631 0C8A1649 copy0C8A1649 copy 0C8A1662 copy0C8A1662 copy 0C8A1723 copy0C8A1723 copy 0C8A1732 copy0C8A1732 copy 0C8A1734 copy0C8A1734 copy 0C8A1760 copy0C8A1760 copy 0C8A1766 copy0C8A1766 copy 0C8A1769 copy0C8A1769 copy

0C8A1772 copy0C8A1772 copy 0C8A1774 copy0C8A1774 copy 0C8A1778 copy0C8A1778 copy 0C8A1792 copy0C8A1792 copy 0C8A1797 copy0C8A1797 copy 0C8A1807 copy0C8A1807 copy 0C8A1811 copy0C8A1811 copy 0C8A1826 copy0C8A1826 copy 0C8A1857 copy0C8A1857 copy 0C8A1886 copy0C8A1886 copy 0C8A1899 copy0C8A1899 copy 0C8A1921 copy0C8A1921 copy 0C8A1926 copy0C8A1926 copy 0C8A1930 copy0C8A1930 copy 0C8A1938 copy0C8A1938 copy 0C8A1951 copy0C8A1951 copy 0C8A1952 copy0C8A1952 copy 0C8A1960 copy0C8A1960 copy 0C8A1963 copy0C8A1963 copy 0C8A1971 copy0C8A1971 copy 0C8A1982 copy0C8A1982 copy 0C8A1995 copy0C8A1995 copy 0C8A2009 copy0C8A2009 copy 0C8A2012 copy0C8A2012 copy 0C8A2017 copy0C8A2017 copy 0C8A2139 copy0C8A2139 copy 0C8A2204 copy0C8A2204 copy

0C8A2153 copy0C8A2153 copy 0C8A2179 copy0C8A2179 copy

0C8A2303 copy0C8A2303 copy

0C8A23050C8A2305 0C8A2309 copy0C8A2309 copy 0C8A2324 copy0C8A2324 copy 0C8A2401 copy0C8A2401 copy 0C8A2407 copy0C8A2407 copy 0C8A2419 copy0C8A2419 copy 0C8A2425 copy0C8A2425 copy 0C8A2480 copy0C8A2480 copy 0C8A2489 copy0C8A2489 copy 0C8A2556 copy0C8A2556 copy 0C8A2564 copy0C8A2564 copy 0C8A2571 copy0C8A2571 copy 0C8A2589 copy0C8A2589 copy 0C8A25980C8A2598 0C8A2615 copy0C8A2615 copy 0C8A2547 copy0C8A2547 copy 0C8A2655 copy0C8A2655 copy 0C8A2659 copy0C8A2659 copy 0C8A2668 copy0C8A2668 copy 0C8A2669 copy0C8A2669 copy 0C8A2674 copy0C8A2674 copy 0C8A2698 copy0C8A2698 copy 0C8A2700 copy0C8A2700 copy 0C8A2706 copy0C8A2706 copy


0C8A2715 copy0C8A2715 copy 0C8A2739 copy0C8A2739 copy 0C8A2820 copy0C8A2820 copy






[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Coolidge Family Farm Maine Farm Wedding Maine Photographer Sat, 17 Sep 2022 00:17:58 GMT
Maine Wedding | Kris & Tory | Coolidge Family Farm | New Gloucester Kris and Tory were wed on Saturday, July 30, 2022, at Coolidge Farm Farm, in New Gloucester, Maine. It was a beautiful, warm summer day filled with family and friends. 


VENUE - Coolidge Family Farm


CATERER - For the love of food and drink

DJ -  Maine made weddings

HAIR & MAKE UP Parrydise Salon


0C8A61130C8A6113 0C8A61150C8A6115 0C8A6128 copy0C8A6128 copy 0C8A6126 copy0C8A6126 copy 7L2A6135 copy7L2A6135 copy 7L2A6140 copy7L2A6140 copy 7L2A6151 copy7L2A6151 copy 7L2A6165 copy7L2A6165 copy 7L2A6119 copy7L2A6119 copy

0C8A6147 copy0C8A6147 copy 0C8A6183 copy0C8A6183 copy 7L2A6177 copy7L2A6177 copy 7L2A6113 copy7L2A6113 copy 7L2A6178 copy7L2A6178 copy 0C8A6165 copy0C8A6165 copy 7L2A65237L2A6523 7L2A6225 copy7L2A6225 copy 7L2A6248 copy7L2A6248 copy 7L2A6245 copy7L2A6245 copy 7L2A6232 copy7L2A6232 copy 7L2A6254 copy7L2A6254 copy 7L2A6275 copy7L2A6275 copy 7L2A6277 copy7L2A6277 copy 7L2A6279-1 copy7L2A6279-1 copy 7L2A6975 copy7L2A6975 copy 7L2A6542 copy7L2A6542 copy 7L2A6605 copy7L2A6605 copy 7L2A6610 copy7L2A6610 copy 7L2A6630 copy7L2A6630 copy 7L2A6617 copy7L2A6617 copy 7L2A6631 copy7L2A6631 copy 7L2A6645 copy7L2A6645 copy 7L2A6690 copy7L2A6690 copy 7L2A6714 copy7L2A6714 copy 0C8A6190 copy0C8A6190 copy 7L2A6723 copy7L2A6723 copy 7L2A6795 copy7L2A6795 copy 7L2A6850 copy7L2A6850 copy 7L2A6861 copy7L2A6861 copy 7L2A6885 copy7L2A6885 copy 7L2A6981-1 copy7L2A6981-1 copy 7L2A6338-1 copy7L2A6338-1 copy 7L2A6328-17L2A6328-1 7L2A6343bw7L2A6343bw 7L2A6323 copy7L2A6323 copy 7L2A6408 copy7L2A6408 copy

7L2A6412 copy7L2A6412 copy 7L2A6444 copy7L2A6444 copy 0C8A6571 copy0C8A6571 copy 7L2A6128 copy7L2A6128 copy 0C8A6447 copy0C8A6447 copy 0C8A6451 copy0C8A6451 copy 7L2A6122 copy7L2A6122 copy 0C8A6460 copy0C8A6460 copy 0C8A6464 copy0C8A6464 copy 0C8A6231 copy0C8A6231 copy 0C8A6562 copy0C8A6562 copy 0C8A64950C8A6495 0C8A6514 copy0C8A6514 copy 0C8A6535 copy0C8A6535 copy 7L2A6119 copy7L2A6119 copy 7L2A6533 copy7L2A6533 copy 0C8A6169 copy0C8A6169 copy 0C8A6568 copy0C8A6568 copy 0C8A6598 copy0C8A6598 copy 0C8A6618 copy0C8A6618 copy 0C8A6628a0C8A6628a 7L2A7058 copy7L2A7058 copy 7L2A6994 copy7L2A6994 copy 0C8A6608 copy0C8A6608 copy 7L2A7006-1 copy 27L2A7006-1 copy 2 7L2A7010 copy7L2A7010 copy 7L2A7034 copy7L2A7034 copy 7L2A69977L2A6997

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Sat, 06 Aug 2022 17:57:37 GMT
Maine Wedding Photographer | Courtney & AJ | Engagement Session | Kettle Cove Courtney and AJ attended the same high school, where they met and started to join each other’s, friend groups. After planning all day during a busy school day, AJ had the idea to ask Courtney to prom. He had to quite literally chase her down in the parking lot to ask her (she knew he was planning to ask and was hoping he’d just send a text instead). After catching her, she said “yes” … for the first time. They planned for a first date to come later that week. Their first date was accompanied by a few of their friends due to the nerves of a first date. They enjoyed each other’s silliness so much, they spent pretty much every day together after school. 

Years later, after both graduating college, making new friends, and living in two separate states from each other, they moved in together in Raymond, Maine. This quickly became their favorite place to be. 

10 years into their relationship, on April 13 of 2021, with Courtney’s family circled around on a rooftop during golden hour in Florida, they were able to watch as she said “yes” … for the second time. After a year of just enjoying their engagement, they started planning their wedding. Despite living out of state in Pittsburgh, PA, they knew their wedding had to take place in Maine. They look forward to saying “I do” at the River Winds Farm and Estate on July 15, 2023 with their family and closest friends.

7L2A9436 copy7L2A9436 copy 7L2A9447 copy7L2A9447 copy 7L2A9465 copy7L2A9465 copy 7L2A9468 copy7L2A9468 copy

7L2A9479 copy7L2A9479 copy

7L2A9497 copy7L2A9497 copy 7L2A9498 copy7L2A9498 copy 7L2A9507 copy7L2A9507 copy 7L2A9547 copy7L2A9547 copy 7L2A9570 copy7L2A9570 copy 7L2A9601 copy7L2A9601 copy 7L2A9615 copy7L2A9615 copy 7L2A9642 copy7L2A9642 copy 7L2A9653 copy7L2A9653 copy 7L2A96957L2A9695 7L2A9755 copy7L2A9755 copy


[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Kettle Cove Maine m"Maine Photographer" Riverwind Estates Wedding Thu, 23 Jun 2022 00:52:49 GMT
Maine High School Senior Photographer | Elaina | Thornton Academy | Saco Maine Meet Elaina, she attends Thornton Academy in Saco Maine. Elaina enjoys dancing and has done so for the past 11 years now. She will be attending Stonehill College in the fall for finance or potentially law! And her favorite icecream flavor would have to be Black Raspberry since she has started working at Gonneville Farms in Dayton. Wishing you much sucess in your future plans Elaina!!

7L2A20017L2A2001 7L2A20987L2A2098 7L2A21207L2A2120 7L2A21997L2A2199 7L2A23417L2A2341


[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Goose Rocks Beach Maine Engagement Sessions Maine wedding Photographer Saco Photographer Senior Photos Maine SMMC South Portland Maine Mon, 13 Jun 2022 16:13:30 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Emily | Scarborough High School | Kennebunkport Maine Meet Emily! She attends Scarborough High School.  Emily loves the beach!  In her spare time, Emily enjoys hanging out with her friends. She loves coaching cheerleading to young kids and being a summer camp counselor. Emily is headed to the University of Alabama in the fall to study nursing! Wishing you a wonderful future Emily!!

7L2A00627L2A0062 7L2A99477L2A9947 7L2A01897L2A0189 7L2A99157L2A9915 7L2A99747L2A9974

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Goose Rocks Beach Maine Engagement Sessions Maine wedding Photographer Saco Photographer Senior Photos Maine SMMC South Portland Maine Fri, 10 Jun 2022 13:53:50 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Mia | Scarborough High School | River Wind Estates Meet Mia, she attends Scarborough High School. She loves to shop, hang with her friends and go to the beach. In the fall she will be attending Bryant University in Rhode Island and studying health sciences.

7L2A7434_pp7L2A7434_pp 7L2A74637L2A7463 7L2A7503 copy7L2A7503 copy 7L2A75367L2A7536 7L2A7585 copy 27L2A7585 copy 2

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Goose Rocks Beach Maine Engagement Sessions Maine wedding Photographer Saco Photographer Senior Photos Maine SMMC South Portland Maine Wed, 08 Jun 2022 20:03:14 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Khaleb | Hampden Academy | Saco Maine Khaleb attends Hampden Academy. Khaleb love to spend time with my girlfriend, friends, and family, play sports, and workout. Khaleb is captain of his hockey team and he has playing hockey since he was 5. Khaleb's  plans after graduation are to take a gap year and work and then go to college at the University of Maine in Orono. He has been accepted into the chemical engineering program. Enjoy your summer Khaleb and happy graduation!


7L2A0853 copy7L2A0853 copy 7L2A07697L2A0769 7L2A08127L2A0812 7L2A0791 copy7L2A0791 copy 7L2A0910 copy7L2A0910 copy

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Goose Rocks Beach Maine Engagement Sessions Maine wedding Photographer Saco Photographer Senior Photos Maine SMMC South Portland Maine Sat, 28 May 2022 15:47:35 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Celia | Overman Academy | Skowhegan Maine Celia is a senior at Overman Academy in Skowhegan Maine.  She loves cats, blowing bubbles, and enjoys nature. Her plan is to attend Central Maine Community college and study criminal justice.  Happy senior year Celia. 


7L2A01527L2A0152 7L2A00917L2A0091 7L2A02197L2A0219 7L2A03747L2A0374 7L2A04007L2A0400


[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Goose Rocks Beach Maine Engagement Sessions Maine wedding Photographer Saco Photographer Senior Photos Maine Thu, 26 May 2022 17:54:42 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Alicia | Scarborough High School | Saco Maine Meet Alicia! She attends Scarborough High School. Alicia enjoys making music and playing the drums.  She loves Tony's donuts and pizza from the Pizza Joint. She loves to travel and plans on seeing the world!! Happy senior year Alicia!!

7L2A8314 copy7L2A8314 copy 7L2A8295 copy7L2A8295 copy 7L2A8467 fb7L2A8467 fb 7L2A83427L2A8342 7L2A8505 copy7L2A8505 copy

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Goose Rocks Beach Maine Engagement Sessions Maine wedding Photographer Saco Photographer Senior Photos Maine Thu, 26 May 2022 13:02:38 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Elise | Thornton Academy | Saco Maine Meet Elise, she attends Thornton Academy in Saco Maine. Elise is super sweet, kind, and loves gardening and spending time with friends and family.  After for elementary education! Elise will also be on the swim team! Happy senior year Elise!

graduation, Elise will be attending Saint Joseph’s College 7L2A80947L2A8094 7L2A81747L2A8174 7L2A80207L2A8020 7L2A8106_pp copy7L2A8106_pp copy 7L2A82447L2A8244  



[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Goose Rocks Beach Maine Engagement Sessions Maine wedding Photographer Saco Photographer Senior Photos Maine Wed, 11 May 2022 17:42:00 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Emily | Valley High School | Saco Maine Meet Emily, She attends Valley High School. 

In Emily's spare time she is either shopping or spending time with my family. She has been playing softball for 12 years and will be playing for Thomas College this fall where she will be studying elementary education. Emily loves traveling and meeting new people. Happy senior year Emily!! We had so much fun together!

7L2A45167L2A4516 7L2A45827L2A4582 7L2A46057L2A4605 7L2A46397L2A4639 7L2A48237L2A4823





[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Goose Rocks Beach Maine Engagement Sessions Maine wedding Photographer Saco Photographer Senior Photos Maine Thu, 05 May 2022 11:02:07 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Jordyn | Massabesic High School | Goose Rocks Beach Meet Jordyn, She attends Massabesic High School in Waterboro Maine.  Jordyn's favorite Ice cream is peppermint stick. She loves all genres of music but country is her favorite. 

Jordyn enjoys going to the beach to relax and take in the scenery. Her plan after graduation is to attend The University of New Hampshire and study communications. One day she would love to study abroad!  Enjoy your senior year Jordyn!!


7L2A6890 copy_pp copy 27L2A6890 copy_pp copy 2 7L2A6827_pp copy 27L2A6827_pp copy 2 7L2A7019 b copy7L2A7019 b copy 7L2A6988 copy_pp copy 27L2A6988 copy_pp copy 2 7L2A7040 copy 27L2A7040 copy 2


[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Goose Rocks Beach Maine Engagement Sessions Maine wedding Photographer Saco Photographer Senior Photos Maine Tue, 03 May 2022 11:56:11 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Kiera | Skowhegan Area HS | Saco Maine Meet Kiera, She attends Skowhegan Area High School. 

Her favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip, she love spending time with family, friends and her boy friend.  She is very interested in criminal justice and plans to go to college and become a detective. She obsessed with sunset pictures and shopping. Kiera loves traveling and trying new foods!

Happy senior year Miss Kiera!

7L2A71657L2A7165 7L2A72887L2A7288 7L2A7319 copy 27L2A7319 copy 2 7L2A73507L2A7350 7L2A73707L2A7370


[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Maine Photographer Sun, 24 Apr 2022 23:06:11 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Taylor | Kennebunk High School | Saco Maine Meet Taylor. She attends Kennebunk High School. She just turned 18 years old and wants to become a 3rd-grade teacher. She plans to attend SMCC for Early Childhood Education. Taylor would love to travel around the U.S. and Europe because she loves to meet new people. She would like to go on a mission trip to Kenya where her grandfather lives.  Taylor's favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip and her favorite movie is Newsies (the broadway version). Taylor likes to spend her free time with her friends just sitting around and goofing off.  She attends her church's youth group and loves seeing all her friends. Happy senior year Taylor!

7L2A5744 8x10 copy7L2A5744 8x10 copy 7L2A5676 copy 27L2A5676 copy 2 7L2A5737 copy7L2A5737 copy 7L2A5770 copy7L2A5770 copy 7L2A5650 8x10 copy7L2A5650 8x10 copy


[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Maine Photographer Saco Maine Wed, 20 Apr 2022 12:59:52 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Hannah | Thornton Academy | Saco Maine Meet Hannah! She attends Thornton Academy in Saco Maine. She has been cheering since she was in second grade and has spent 3 out of the 4 years of high school on the Thornton Academy Varsity Cheer team. She likes to watch romance movies, true crime shows, and Disney movies. Hannah would love to be able to travel to Greece. Hannah's plan after graduating is to get her RN license after graduating from Husson in 2026. She currently works as a counselor at SPR, and as a CNA at Atlantic Heights! Happy senior year Hannah!


7L2A60667L2A6066 7L2A6102 copy7L2A6102 copy 7L2A62697L2A6269 7L2A63737L2A6373 7L2A62427L2A6242


[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Maine Photographer Saco Maine Thu, 14 Apr 2022 11:43:36 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Kerri | Biddeford High School | Saco Maine | Goose Rocks Beach Kerri attends Biddeford High School. Kerri loves to read, play soccer, and hang out with friends. 
She doesn't really like ice cream that much, but she does like Hershey's play-dough. 
Kerri's favorite coffee is travel the world iced coffee with the sticky bun flavor from Aroma Joes. 
She has been playing soccer since kindergarten, and in middle school is when she realized how much she loves the game. She started playing on a premier team and was lucky enough to play for Maine’s Olympic Development Program. 
She doesn't know where she will be attending college just yet, but her plan is to study neuroscience on a path to medical school. from there, she hopes to do something with psychiatry, but she is not 100% sure yet. FUN FACT: Kerri was in my first preschool class when I began teaching,

7L2A18907L2A1890 7L2A19407L2A1940 7L2A21097L2A2109 7L2A21317L2A2131 7L2A21587L2A2158

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Goose Rocks Beach Maine Engagement Sessions Maine wedding Photographer Saco Photographer Senior Photos Maine Tue, 29 Mar 2022 11:48:08 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Ellie | Scarborough HS | Saco Maine Ellie is a senior at Scarborough High Schoo. She enjoys doing anything outdoors like hiking, skiing and going to the beach. She loves to play lacrosse, and she plays on the girl's varsity team. A fun fact about Ellie is that she has been skiing since she was 2 and has skied in 4 different countries. My favorite food is cookies and cream ice cream. Next year Ellie will be attending college at the University of Colorado Boulder. You go Ellie!


7L2A1692 copy7L2A1692 copy 7L2A1746crop copy7L2A1746crop copy 7L2A1826 copy7L2A1826 copy 7L2A1722 copy7L2A1722 copy 7L2A1857 copy7L2A1857 copy



[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Goose Rocks Beach Maine Engagement Sessions Maine wedding Photographer Saco Photographer Senior Photos Maine Sat, 26 Mar 2022 13:09:41 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Lacie | Cheverus High School | Goose Rocks Beach Meet Lacie. She attends Cheverus High School in Portland Maine. Her favorite thing to do is play tennis. She loves vanilla ice cream and going to the beach. It was a perfect location for her senior session experience. She will be attending Plymouth State University to study graphic design.  in the fall. She would love to travel after finishing college. Enjoy the rest of your senior year Lacie. 

7L2A02727L2A0272 7L2A02877L2A0287 7L2A0391 copy_pp copy 27L2A0391 copy_pp copy 2 7L2A0486 copy_pp copy7L2A0486 copy_pp copy 7L2A04397L2A0439

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Goose Rocks Beach Maine Engagement Sessions Maine wedding Photographer Saco Photographer Senior Photos Maine Tue, 22 Mar 2022 16:26:33 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Angelina | Westbrook High School | Goose Rocks Beach Meet Angelina, She attends Westbrook High School.  Angelina is very accomplished and has many interests. She plays the bass clarinet, and Marimba in the school marching band and loves music of all genres.  Her favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip. Angelina love going out to eat with my friends and is obsessed with Armona Joe's. She loves Single Green Alien.

FUN FACT:  Angelina was also the drum major in Marching Band this past fall and won an award in both states and NE for best Drum Major
She is going to college for Music Ed., and her dream is to teach high school students and runs her own marching band which is a big part of her life.

7L2A1452 copy 27L2A1452 copy 2 7L2A1260 copy_pp7L2A1260 copy_pp 7L2A1515 copy 27L2A1515 copy 2 7L2A1288 copy 27L2A1288 copy 2 7L2A1341 copy 27L2A1341 copy 2


[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) "Maine Engagement Sessions" "Maine Wedding Photographer" "Saco Maine Photographer" Senior Pics Weddings in Maine Fri, 18 Mar 2022 16:16:09 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Seth | Thornton Academy | Saco Maine Seth likes to spend time with his good friends. He enjoys working out at the gym. He likes to ski and snowmobile, and go ice fishing in the winter. He enjoys boating, fishing, water skiing, and hiking in the summer. Seth plays football, he wrestles and does track in the spring. He was one of five captains on the football team, and co-captain of the wrestling team this year. Seth is on the National Honor Society. He has committed to play football and study engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the fall of 2022. GO SETH!

7L2A2685 copy7L2A2685 copy 7L2A2660 copy7L2A2660 copy 7L2A2715 copy7L2A2715 copy 7L2A2828 copy7L2A2828 copy 7L2A2769 copy7L2A2769 copy


[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) "Senior Pics" "Weddings in Maine" Maine Engagement Sessions Maine Wedding Photographer Saco Maine Photographer Senior Wed, 16 Mar 2022 16:33:44 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Micheal | Thornton Academy | SMMC Micheal attends Thornton Academy in Saco Maine. He enjoys playing baseball and going to the gym. He loves his hair, and well so I do, and hanging with friends. His favorite food is steak and gummies. He plans on attending college after graduation. Happy senior year Micheal!


7L2A0006 copy 27L2A0006 copy 2 7L2A0068 copy7L2A0068 copy 7L2A0029 copy7L2A0029 copy 7L2A0109 copy7L2A0109 copy 7L2A0182 copy7L2A0182 copy

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) "Maine Wedding Photographer" "Saco Maine Photographer" Maine Engagement Sessions in Maine Senior Pics Senior"" Weddings in Maine Mon, 14 Mar 2022 17:07:18 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Jack | South Portland High School Jack is a senior at South Portland High School. He is a Marvel movie fan and his favorite movie is Avengers Endgame  He enjoys hanging with his friends just like just going for rides around town.  Jack loves his long, curly hair, and his last haircut was right before having family photos (with brothers' senior photos the year before because Mom said he had to.  Hobbies-football lacrosse and maybe even gaming occasionally. Fun fact: Jack puts Franks Hot Sauce on nearly everything he eats 😂

Happy senior year jack!

7L2A0354 copy7L2A0354 copy 7L2A0453 copy 27L2A0453 copy 2 7L2A0390 copy7L2A0390 copy 7L2A0329 copy7L2A0329 copy 7L2A0465 copy7L2A0465 copy


[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Engagement Sessions in Maine Maine Wedding Photographer Pics" Saco Maine Photographer Senior Senior Pics Weddings in Maine Mon, 07 Mar 2022 04:55:12 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Sydney | Maine Central Institute | River Winds Farm | Saco Maine Sydney attends Maine Central Institute. She likes to hang out with friends, family. She is a part of the do indoor and outdoor track team and enjoys exploring new places and spending time outdoors hiking, etc. Sydney's session was so much fun. We meet a few years ago when I photographed her sister and now it was her turn. She loves nature, sunflowers, and the beach.

Sydney plans to go to a community college and take core classes as she is undecided on a major. Sydney you are beautiful inside and out and I wish you much success in your life!


7L2A89607L2A8960 7L2A90037L2A9003 7L2A89707L2A8970 7L2A91747L2A9174 7L2A91247L2A9124

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Engagement Sessions in Maine Maine Wedding Photographer Pics" Saco Maine Photographer Senior Senior Pics Weddings in Maine Wed, 16 Feb 2022 01:13:35 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Megan | Maine Central Institute | Kennebunkport Megan attends Maine Central Institute high school. She loves to paint and hang out with my friends. Megan's favorite movie is Mamma Mia. After graduation, she plans on attending the University of Maine in Orono as a biochemistry major. Enjoy your senior year Megan. 

7L2A00487L2A0048 7L2A99517L2A9951 7L2A00747L2A0074 7L2A00827L2A0082 7L2A01247L2A0124


[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Engagement Sessions in Maine Maine Wedding Photographer Pics" Saco Maine Photographer Sun, 13 Feb 2022 13:57:46 GMT
Maine Photographer | Molly | Kennebunk High School | Goose Rocks Beach Meet Molly! She attends Kennebunk High School. I could go on and on about this girls. She is super sweet, athletic, goofy and loves the beach. Her favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate peanut butter. After graduations she plans on majoring in physical therapy and she would love to travel to Bora Bora some day.


Happy senior girl Molly!!!! 

7L2A9339 copy7L2A9339 copy 7L2A9279 copy7L2A9279 copy 7L2A9222 copy7L2A9222 copy 7L2A9471 copy7L2A9471 copy 7L2A9503 copy7L2A9503 copy


[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Engagement Sessions in Maine Maine Wedding Photographer Pics" Saco Maine Photographer Senior Thu, 03 Feb 2022 22:13:29 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Cloe | Thornton Academy | Goose Rocks Beach Cloe is a senior at Thornton Academy in Saco Maine. 

She loves ice cream and the beach and she runs track. She has been accepted to a couple of local colleges but she’s still waiting to hear from a few out-of-state colleges. She is considering education as her major but she’s still undecided. Wishing you a wonderful senior year Cloe and much success and happiness in whatever you decide to pursue. 

7L2A95287L2A9528 7L2A95487L2A9548 7L2A96327L2A9632 7L2A97247L2A9724 7L2A97957L2A9795



[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Engagement Sessions Goose Rocks Beach Kennebunk Beaches Maine Wedding Photographer Senior Pics Fri, 28 Jan 2022 13:30:28 GMT
Maine High School Senior Photographer | Skye | Thornton Academy | Class of 2022 Skye attends Thornton Academy. She loves to dance and has been doing so for 13 yeas. Skye's favorite ice cream is chocolate peanut butter cup, she enjoys shopping, going to the beach, and just hanging out with friends in general! Skye plans on attend college and pressing a degree in business and become a real estate agent!
Happy senior. year Skye!

7L2A8720 copy7L2A8720 copy 7L2A8671 copy7L2A8671 copy 7L2A87827L2A8782 7L2A8859 copy7L2A8859 copy 7L2A8899 copy7L2A8899 copy

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Engagement Sessions Maine Wedding Photographer Senior Pics Wed, 19 Jan 2022 21:47:31 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Lilly | Carrabec High School | Hills Beach Lilly attends Carrabec High School. We had so much fun during Lilly's senior experience. We had a little weather blip with some random hurricane like weather. We had to move locations but we ended up with some amazing skies.

She likes to hang out with friends, shop, play soccer, and go to Redsox games. Lilly's plans after graduation is to go to college and become a physical therapist

7L2A8349 fb7L2A8349 fb 7L2A8285FB7L2A8285FB 7L2A8308 fb7L2A8308 fb 7L2A8406 fb7L2A8406 fb 7L2A8449 fb7L2A8449 fb

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Engagement Sessions Maine Wedding Photographer Senior Pics Sun, 16 Jan 2022 16:21:18 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Lexi | Scarborough High School | Kennebunk Beach Lexi attends Scarborough High School. She loves to travel and finally went on her dream trip to Paris this year! She participates in track, is a member of The National Honor Society, and volunteers for Maine Meal Assistance. After graduation, Lexi plans to attend Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, FL, and study public health in hopes of being an orthodontist. Congrats on all your accomplishments thus far Lexi! Enjoy your senior year!

7L2A80107L2A8010 7L2A79687L2A7968 7L2A81927L2A8192 7L2A8169 copy7L2A8169 copy 7L2A8086 copy7L2A8086 copy 7L2A82147L2A8214

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Maine Photographer Maine Wedding Photographer Fri, 14 Jan 2022 14:02:23 GMT
Maine Wedding | Esther & Jason Wyman | Atlantic Hall Cape Porpoise Maine Jason and Esther were married on Saturday, January 8th 2022 at the Atlantic Hall in Cape Porpoise, Maine.  It was a beautiful, sunny winter day filled with friends and family.

Jason and Esther met in May of 2020 through a family member. Esther was invited for dinner, at his parent's to be introduced. She thought he was so cute she couldn’t look him in the eyes and he apparently kept thinking why isn’t this girl looking at me?  Jason struck up a conversation anyways and 2 months later they began dating. In November of 2021, Jason proposed at Scarborough beach. Jason asked if she wanted to take a walk on the beach and she remembers just not feeling well but decided to go anyway. It was very cold but then he asked her if she wanted to spend forever with him and it was an offer she didn’t want to refuse.  52 days later they were married. On an even colder day but the friends and family that gathered warmed our hearts!


Congratulations Jason and Esther and I wish you much joy, health and happiness.


Venue - Atlantic Hall Cape Porpoise

Bridal Gown - Davids Bridal

Wedding Rings - LL Jeweler

Cake - Debra Sayer

Flowers - Friends and Family


7L2A5515 copy7L2A5515 copy 7L2A5227 copy7L2A5227 copy 7L2A5183 copy7L2A5183 copy 7L2A5185 copy7L2A5185 copy 7L2A5186 copy7L2A5186 copy 7L2A5187 copy7L2A5187 copy 7L2A5196 copy7L2A5196 copy 7L2A5206 copy7L2A5206 copy 7L2A5213 copy7L2A5213 copy 7L2A5547 copy7L2A5547 copy 7L2A5559 copy7L2A5559 copy 7L2A5737 copy7L2A5737 copy 7L2A5570 copy7L2A5570 copy 7L2A5580 copy7L2A5580 copy 7L2A5583 copy7L2A5583 copy 7L2A5594 copy7L2A5594 copy 7L2A5596 copy7L2A5596 copy 7L2A5599 copy7L2A5599 copy 7L2A5605 copy7L2A5605 copy 7L2A5607 copy7L2A5607 copy 7L2A5610 copy7L2A5610 copy 7L2A5625 copy7L2A5625 copy 7L2A5633 copy7L2A5633 copy 7L2A5642 copy7L2A5642 copy 7L2A5643 copy7L2A5643 copy 7L2A5653 copy7L2A5653 copy 7L2A5665 copy7L2A5665 copy 7L2A5680 copy7L2A5680 copy 7L2A5689 copy7L2A5689 copy 7L2A5660 copy7L2A5660 copy 7L2A5352 copy7L2A5352 copy 7L2A5179 copy_pp7L2A5179 copy_pp 7L2A5223 copy7L2A5223 copy 7L2A5733 copy7L2A5733 copy 7L2A5233 copy7L2A5233 copy 7L2A5255 copy7L2A5255 copy 7L2A5266 copy7L2A5266 copy 7L2A5270 copy7L2A5270 copy 7L2A5663 copy7L2A5663 copy 7L2A5297 copy7L2A5297 copy 7L2A5306 copy7L2A5306 copy 7L2A5781 copy7L2A5781 copy 7L2A5370 copy7L2A5370 copy 7L2A5734 copy7L2A5734 copy 7L2A5380 copy7L2A5380 copy 7L2A5778 copy7L2A5778 copy 7L2A5430 copy7L2A5430 copy 7L2A5440 copy7L2A5440 copy 7L2A5445 a7L2A5445 a 7L2A5463 copy7L2A5463 copy 7L2A5473 copy7L2A5473 copy 7L2A5487 copy7L2A5487 copy 7L2A5736 copy7L2A5736 copy 7L2A5490 copy7L2A5490 copy 7L2A5501 copy7L2A5501 copy 7L2A5537 copy7L2A5537 copy 7L2A5541 copy7L2A5541 copy 7L2A5358 copy7L2A5358 copy 7L2A5362 copy7L2A5362 copy 7L2A5407 copy7L2A5407 copy

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Atlantic Hall Cape Porpoise Thu, 13 Jan 2022 00:47:09 GMT
Maine Engagement Session | Esther & Jason | Susan Costa Photography | Saco Maine Congratulations to Esther & Jason on their engagement.  Their engagement session was so magical with the first snow of the year just the day before. I am so excited for Esther and Jasons wedding in a few weeks! 

7L2A5003 snow7L2A5003 snow 7L2A4967 snow7L2A4967 snow 7L2A4986-27L2A4986-2 7L2A4903 copy7L2A4903 copy 7L2A4911 copy7L2A4911 copy 7L2A4940 sky7L2A4940 sky 7L2A4957 copy7L2A4957 copy 7L2A5033 copy7L2A5033 copy 7L2A5014 copy7L2A5014 copy 7L2A50177L2A5017 7L2A50387L2A5038 7L2A5058 copy7L2A5058 copy 7L2A50697L2A5069 7L2A51027L2A5102 7L2A49157L2A4915

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Engagement Photos Wedding photographer Maine Fri, 24 Dec 2021 20:15:37 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Reese | Skowhegan Area High School | Saco Maine Reese is a senior at Skowhegan Area High School. She plays soccer, basketball, and softball since she was 5/6 years old. Reese enjoy spending time with  her friends and family, going to the gym, and hiking! A fun fact is Reese softball team won the class A state championship this year. After graduations Reese plans to work and attend a two year Radiology Tech Program. Happy Senior year Reese!


7L2A7806 Reese copy7L2A7806 Reese copy 7L2A76937L2A7693 7L2A7876 copy7L2A7876 copy 7L2A7733 fb7L2A7733 fb 7L2A7818 copy7L2A7818 copy

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Maine Photographer Senior Photos Tue, 14 Dec 2021 19:57:13 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Lydia | Thornton Academy | Saco Maine Meet Lydia. She is a senior at Thornton Academy. At school, Lydia loves mentoring a class of 4th graders and working as a senior counselor at Saco Parks and Rec. When she has spare time she enjoys going to the gym, hanging out with friends, and in the warmer months, you can find her on a boat as much as possible. After graduation, Lydia plans on attending a college in New England majoring in Psychology/Counseling and I hope to work as a counselor for children in the future. Happy senior year Lydia!


7L2A72797L2A7279 7L2A7371 copy_pp copy7L2A7371 copy_pp copy 7L2A75137L2A7513 7L2A76077L2A7607 7L2A74577L2A7457



[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Maine Photographer Saco Maine Wedding Photographer Fri, 10 Dec 2021 12:21:59 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Michaela | Biddeford High School | Class of 2022 Michaela is a  senior at Biddeford high school,. She is on the varsity cheer team. Michaela is employed at Ace Hardware and has been there 2 years. Her plans for next year is to attend either SMCC or Massachusetts College of pharmaceutical and health sciences. Her goal is it get a degree in Radiology or Sonography. Happy senior year Michaela!

7L2A71257L2A7125 7L2A7131C7L2A7131C 7L2A71367L2A7136 7L2A7140 copy_pp copy7L2A7140 copy_pp copy 7L2A71887L2A7188


[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Maine photographer Maine wedding photographer Sun, 05 Dec 2021 21:51:10 GMT
Maine Senior Photographer | Grant | Greely High School | Saco Maine Grant is a member of the national honor society at Greely High School, where he is also on the swim team.  Grant is also a member of the Seacoast swim club.  He attends PATHS in Portland and will be attending college in the fall to study cyber security. I had such a fun time with Grant during his session, he is so funny and those eyes, Wow!

7L2A6931 copy7L2A6931 copy 7L2A6848 copy 27L2A6848 copy 2 7L2A6877 copy 27L2A6877 copy 2 7L2A6919 copy7L2A6919 copy 7L2A6943 copy7L2A6943 copy



[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Maine Photographer Maine Senior Photos Tue, 30 Nov 2021 12:12:59 GMT
Maine Senior | Cheyenne | Living Waters Christian School | Susan Costa Photography Meet Cheyenne, She attends Living Waters Christian school in Buxton Maine. 

Things Chey enjoys doing in her spare time:  Going to the beach, four wheeling, boating, shopping, hanging out with her friends, long drives in her Dodge Ram truck while singing loudly and listening to every genre of music.

Favorite things:  Her family, 3 dogs, 2 cats, tortoise…and of course, Mac n cheese and CHOCOLATE!!!

Future plans: To attend trade school, get her CDL license, and travel the world. 

7L2A6435 copy_pp copy7L2A6435 copy_pp copy 7L2A6461 copy7L2A6461 copy 7L2A6547 copy7L2A6547 copy 7L2A6575 copy7L2A6575 copy 7L2A6716 copy7L2A6716 copy

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Maine Wedding Photographer Senior Photos Maine Tue, 16 Nov 2021 17:22:24 GMT
Maine High School Senior | Savannah | Thornton Academy | Class of 2022 Meet Savannah! She attends Thornton Academy in Saco Maine. Savannah loves playing volleyball and baking. Her favorite movie is Lfe As We Know It, and her favorite ice cream flavor is black raspberry. In Savannah's spare time you can find her shopping!! Happy senior year Savannah!

Savannah web010Savannah web010 Savannah web011Savannah web011 Savannah web013Savannah web013 Savannah web018Savannah web018 Savannah web019Savannah web019


[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) . Maine Wedding Photographer Senior Photographer Fri, 05 Nov 2021 20:44:58 GMT
Maine High School Senior | Maddy | Massabessic High School | Susan Costa Photography Meet Maddy. She attends Massabesic High School in Waterboro, Maine. Maddy is a competitive dance for 14 years. She is planning on attending a university and majoring in communications.  Her favorite ice cream is chocolate peanut butter, and she likes watching football! Happy senior year Maddy!!

7L2A5608 copy 27L2A5608 copy 2 7L2A5622 copy7L2A5622 copy 7L2A5641 copy_pp copy 27L2A5641 copy_pp copy 2 7L2A5711 copy_pp copy 27L2A5711 copy_pp copy 2 7L2A5728 copy7L2A5728 copy


[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) High School Photographer Maine wedding Photographer Wed, 03 Nov 2021 11:36:56 GMT
Maine High School Senior | Riley | Skowhegan Area HS | Susan Costa Photography Meet Riley. She attends Skowhegan Area High School in Skowhegan Maine. 

Future plans: Attend UMO to further her education in PreMed

Fun fact: Her high school Softball team won the class A softball state championship this past year 

Things Riley likes to do: Hangout with her friends and family, four wheeling and fishing, baking, being adventurous/trying new things

Favorite things: Softball, math and science, dark chocolate

7L2A4806 copy_pp copy7L2A4806 copy_pp copy 7L2A4825 copy_pp copy7L2A4825 copy_pp copy 7L2A4942 copy_pp copy7L2A4942 copy_pp copy 7L2A5036 copy_pp7L2A5036 copy_pp 7L2A5042 8x87L2A5042 8x8


[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) maine weddings senior pics Mon, 01 Nov 2021 11:15:33 GMT
Maine High School Senior | Cody | Old Orchard Beach HS | Portland Maine Meet Cody. He attends Old Orchard Beach High School. Cody 

Cody’s favorite meal is cereal, loves basketball and soccer, and wants to be an engineer for Disney  His favorite candy is skittles, favorite movie is Space Jam the original. Happy senior year Cody!


7L2A4712 copy7L2A4712 copy 7L2A47757L2A4775

7L2A4653 copy7L2A4653 copy 7L2A4787 copy7L2A4787 copy

[email protected] (Susan Costa Photography) Maine photographer" Photos" Senior wedding Wed, 27 Oct 2021 00:23:05 GMT
Maine Wedding | Danielle & Alex | The Stone Barn | Windham Maine Danielle and Alex were wed on Saturday, October 16, 2021, at the Stone Barn in Windham, Maine. Danielle and Alex meet at St Joesph's college. What better place to share their vows and begin their lives together than to be married at the place where they met.  Danielle and Alex's wedding party were friends that they have known since high school and college. The maid of honor was Danielle's sister and Alex's best name was his brother.  The colors of the wedding were so complimentary to the fall season. Danielle's gown was fitted and all lace. She was just breathtaking. And wait to see you here bouquet. Danielle and Alex were surrounded by close friends and family. They are a very tight-knit family and everyone who was attended was a big part of their lives.

The bride and grown went to Hawaii for their honeymoon to enjoy some much-needed time alone.  They are just the sweetest couple and I wish them all the happiness in the world.



Gown - Blush Bridal

Venue - Stone barn at Sebego Lake

Bouquet and Flowers - Flower truck company 

Hair and Make Up - Bei Capelli 

DJ - DMD3 Entertainment 

Cake - Reillys bakery 

Videographer - Meg Hurrell 

Photographer - Susan Costa Photography

7L2A0206 copy7L2A0206 copy 7L2A9633 copy7L2A9633 copy 7L2A95937L2A9593 7L2A9594_17L2A9594_1 7L2A9603 copy7L2A9603 copy 7L2A9601 copy7L2A9601 copy 7L2A9610 copy7L2A9610 copy 7L2A9644 copy7L2A9644 copy 7L2A9653 copy7L2A9653 copy 7L2A96637L2A9663 7L2A9678 copy7L2A9678 copy 7L2A9687 copy7L2A9687 copy 7L2A9696 copy7L2A9696 copy 7L2A9703 copy7L2A9703 copy 7L2A9709 copy7L2A9709 copy 7L2A9717 copy 27L2A9717 copy 2 7L2A9751 copy7L2A9751 copy 7L2A9725 copy7L2A9725 copy 7L2A9734 copy7L2A9734 copy 7L2A9735 copy7L2A9735 copy 7L2A9736 copy7L2A9736 copy 7L2A97757L2A9775 7L2A97817L2A9781 7L2A9793 copy7L2A9793 copy 7L2A9802 copy7L2A9802 copy 7L2A9808 copy7L2A9808 copy 7L2A9853 copy7L2A9853 copy 7L2A9873 copy7L2A9873 copy 7L2A9877 copy7L2A9877 copy 7L2A9884 copy7L2A9884 copy 7L2A9885 copy7L2A9885 copy 7L2A9913 copy7L2A9913 copy 7L2A9914 copy7L2A9914 copy 7L2A99187L2A9918 7L2A9926 copy7L2A9926 copy 7L2A99297L2A9929 7L2A99487L2A9948 7L2A99557L2A9955 7L2A99567L2A9956 7L2A9961-2 copy7L2A9961-2 copy 7L2A99697L2A9969 7L2A9988 copy7L2A9988 copy 7L2A9992 copy7L2A9992 copy 7L2A99997L2A9999 7L2A0014 copy7L2A0014 copy 7L2A00207L2A0020 7L2A0022 copy7L2A0022 copy 7L2A0038 copy7L2A0038 copy 7L2A00417L2A0041 7L2A0043 copy7L2A0043 copy 7L2A0074 copy7L2A0074 copy 7L2A0084 copy7L2A0084 copy 7L2A0103 copy7L2A0103 copy 7L2A0108 copy7L2A0108 copy 7L2A0109 copy7L2A0109 copy 7L2A01207L2A0120 7L2A0147 copy7L2A0147 copy 7L2A0154 copy7L2A0154 copy 7L2A0175 copy7L2A0175 copy 7L2A0173 copy7L2A0173 copy 7L2A0239 copy7L2A0239 copy 7L2A0247 copy7L2A0247 copy 7L2A0259 copy7L2A0259 copy 7L2A0292 copy7L2A0292 copy 7L2A0300 copy7L2A0300 copy 7L2A0310 copy7L2A0310 copy 7L2A0355 copy7L2A0355 copy

7L2A0374 copy7L2A0374 copy
7L2A0380 copy7L2A0380 copy 7L2A0384 copy7L2A0384 copy 7L2A0395 copy7L2A0395 copy 7L2A0393 copy7L2A0393 copy 7L2A0404 copy7L2A0404 copy 7L2A0406 copy7L2A0406 copy 7L2A0185 copy7L2A0185 copy 7L2A0415 copy7L2A0415 copy 7L2A0452 copy7L2A0452 copy 7L2A0472 copy7L2A0472 copy 7L2A0501 copy7L2A0501 copy 7L2A0537 copy7L2A0537 copy 7L2A0548 copy7L2A0548 copy 7L2A0622 copy7L2A0622 copy 7L2A0572 copy7L2A0572 copy 7L2A05887L2A0588 7L2A0650 copy7L2A0650 copy 7L2A0607 copy7L2A0607 copy 7L2A0704 copy7L2A0704 copy 7L2A0753 copy7L2A0753 copy 7L2A0757 copy7L2A0757 copy 7L2A0827 copy7L2A0827 copy 7L2A0769 copy7L2A0769 copy