Meet Susan:


Hello: My name is Susan Costa and I specialize in wedding, high school senior, & headshot photography based in Maine! Although, I am up for traveling just about anywhere.

My world: My husband, my four amazing kids, one perfect son in law and the three special little granddaughters there ever was.  I must add my Bulldog Lucy & my Golden Doodle Rocco. Very important. 

My addictions: Lip gloss, coffee, social media & anything salty/sweet. Oh and my grandbabies Evelyn, Georgia & Magnolia. Oh and yes, my own children.

My passions: Encouraging people to be the best they can be!

My Gear: Canon R6 &  favorite lens, 85 1.2L prime

Fun Facts: I am a preschool teacher, I have 9 brothers and sisters, I use to be a bodybuilder in another life, I received my first camera when I was about 10 years old, and accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior over 20 + years ago.

My Favorite Sessions: Photographing Weddings & High School Seniors because it is one of the most special time in their lives and they are so excited to be photographed! Families are a close second.

Special Photographer Moments: Seeing a parent tear up during a session because they can't believe their son/daughter is about to graduate or get married. Life is made up of small moments and I just want to capture a few of them for you!

Special Mentions: I am the official photographer for the Mrs. Maine America and Miss Maine America Pageants.  Have also been published on multiple national magazines.

Favorite Movie: Pride and Prejudice, Nacho Libre, The Proposal & Ocean 11 series. That was hard. 

Favorite Restaurant: The Village Tavern, Via Vecchia & Pine Point Grill


My Bucket List: 

Traveling to Italy & Spain

Photograph a destination wedding

Move to the Caribbean when I retire 

Get into bodybuilding shape again

Actually, read a book from cover to cover