Liana's B-tween Session-Old Port, Portland, Maine

February 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Say hello to Liana. She is in 7th grade and Lives in Kennebunk. Liana was super silly and easy to photograph! She is an amazing swimmer, plays the piano and recently taken up acting! I asked Liana's mom to share some more about her daughter. Here is what she had to say.

Favorite Pizza Topping- BBQ chicken Favorite lollipop flavors are Sour Apple or Blue Raspberry. She couldn't decide. So many yummy flavors. Favorite Disney Princess- Cinderella, but she reminds me of Rapunzel from Tangled  I wish I were more outgoing like Liana.  She does such a great job trying new things and meeting new people.  She is great at adapting to whatever environment she is in, and she doesn't back away from a challenge!  My daughter inspires me by the way she cares for others.  Liana has always been good at helping people who need a friend.  Even as a toddler, she would notice other children who might be upset or crying, and try to give them a cookie or a toy to help them feel better.  When she was in kindergarten, I discovered she was smuggling her toys one-by-one, to a little girl at her school that didn't have as many as she had!  I love to watch the way that she can help with younger kids.  They always love her!  If she continues to want to be a teacher when she grows up, I know she will be great at it! Liana is a very gifted writer.  She is great at imagining a character's perspective.  Her stories really make you feel like you are part of a believable world.  She is also a really incredible swimmer, and is looking forward to her first year swimming for Kennebunk Middle School!  This year she had an opportunity to play an "ugly stepsister" in her school's production or Cinderella.  She was amazing!!!  It was a great chance for her to use her beautiful voice and very funny acting skills.  I just loved watching her be a part of this, and seeing how much fun she had meeting all the fellow actors at her school.    If you really knew my daughter, you would know she has the perfect middle name-Joy!  Being around Liana is a good time.  She brings so much fun and energy everywhere she goes.  She's caring and compassionate, and has a great heart.  Every time people hear her middle name, they say "that's just what she is!"  


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