Kristen's B-tween Session-Old Port, Portland, Maine

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What better way to launch my B-Tween sessions then with my daughter and her friends. It was a super cold day but the girls had so much fun! It is one of the things I love about the B-Tween age, adabtablity. Join me in encouraging this generation to embrace their changes, differences and joy for life

Introducing Kristen


How does my daughter inspire me?  My daughter has inspired me since the day she was born. She was born 7 weeks early weighing just 4lbs 12oz. Looking at her tiny little face inspired me to be a strong, positive mom during this unknown time in our lives. She is now 12 and seeing her take on new classes that are above her grade level or socially by joining a new cheer team without knowing almost anyone inspires me to branch out of my own comfort zone.

In what way or ways do I wish I was more like my daughter at her age? Oh boy, there are so many ways I would like to be like my daughter. Kristen is so much like me but has more strength and confidence than I could ever have wished to have at her age. I was more of a follower than a leader at her age. She is very strong in her beliefs and very rarely waivers from what standards she sets for herself. I love that about her. She is a deeper thinker than I am and really takes the time to appreciate the details.  She shows this with her friendships and how in tune she is with the feelings of her friends. She also shows this with her academics. I wish I had her memory. Who needs a grocery list when I have Kristen. She can recap any movie she has ever seen with such detail. It is amazing.

Some of Kristen's favorite people to hang out with!

Favorite Bubble gum flavor. Mint


What are some of my daughter’s gifts and talents? 


Oh I love this part. Gushing over your daughter. I am all for that. Anyone who knows Kristen can tell you she is an amazing artist. At a young age she has shown the most amazing perspective in her drawings, details that would blow you away and, well, just the cutest drawings ever. To this day she spends much of her time in her room with her sketch pad. Her abilities have expanded into what I believe is a true gift from God. 


As I said before Kristen has an amazing memory and creative visionary mind. She learns new concepts very easily, finds it easy to come up with a plan, vision or idea. And has the ability to implement it. YIKES. 


Kristen also loves to teach others. She has been put into this role at school over the years and loves to come along side others and help. 

If you really knew my daughter Kristen you would know she loves to be home, she played “Alice” in the play Alice in Wonderland, and she loves to write. And as of this very moment, at the age of 12, her dreams are to be an author and illustrator.

Kristen's favorite season is Fall because she loves the colors and she likes to wear warmer clothing.

What I want my daughter to know most about herself is she is more than enough. That God created her in His imagine and to never doubt who she is!



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