Maine Wedding Photography | Marina & Alex | Dunegrass Golf Club | Old Orchard Beach Maine

November 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It was a beautiful, fall November day for Alex & Marina's wedding at St. Joseph's Church in Biddeford, Maine. Marina was just glowing when I arrived at her parents home. Her bridal party was so attentive and both sets of parents were there to watch every step of the preparation. The reception was at the Dunegrass Golf Club in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. The ballroom was decorated with Marina's vision of simple yet elegant.  

Alex & Marina originally met through her parents business in 2008, as Alex started working for them when he was 18. They didn't start hanging out until they had a mutual friend the following year when Alex asked her on a date on December 31, 2009. They went to dinner at Texas Road House and the rest is history. 

I asked  Marina if it was love at first sight and here is her reply. " For Alex it couldn't be at first sight, knowing I was the bosses daughter (haha). For me I'm not sure if I believe in first sight but it was hard not to catch his eye when he'd wink at me when I came to visit my parents business."

Marina shared the proposal was a complete surprise. Alex proposed on a cruise in June 2015. She is not sure how he got all the planning past her.  It probably helped that she had just graduated from school and had been studying for her nursing boards so you could say her mind was else where.

Some of their favorite things to do together is of course playing with their two fur babies, Axle and Chenille!  When the fur babies aren't rough housing or have finally stopped with the squeak toys they love to watch movies or a few select tv shows together. When it's nice out they love to go for car rides or hangout on our back deck and grill!

Marina & Alex's hopes and dreams is to enjoy what life brings to them and to have a happy successful family. After everything they have been through, there's not much they can't tackle together!

Enjoy Alex & Marina's special wedding day!




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