Maine Engagement Session | Sara & Tyler | Wells Maine

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Sara & Tyler met at Hannaford in 2011 when he transferred from the Brighton store to go to school at University of New England. She remembers seeing Tyler the first day he worked thinking to herself who's that goofy tall guy. She soon realized he was her new supervisor. At that time, they were both in long term relationships so they never really talked. Then one day Tyler wasn't shy and started talking to to Sara. They became really good friends and she remembers she couldn't wait to work with him and she would secretly check when he was working! Later on when they started dating Tyler told Sara he would too! Their past relationships prior to dating didn't work out and Tyler and Sara started to hang out at his school, they would take walks around Sara's neighborhood with her mothers dog, get ice cream and take drives to visit his family

In Norway/Naples. They became two peas in a pod. Tyler asked Sara a few weeks after if she would be his girlfriend. She responded but telling him to ask her in a week! He looked at her like she was crazy. When sharing this story with her mom she said, "Why did you say wait a week?", she told her I wanted to make him sweat! I knew he was the one. So a week went by and Tyler said to Sara, "I believe you have to answer my question now?" And of course it was a yes! Tyler and Sara started dating May 13 which was actually a Friday! Tyler and Sara were together for 3 years before he proposed. They got engaged October 20th, 2015.


When Sara finishing X-ray school Tyler proposed at a beach.  Sara remembers him being so super sweet and so shy! She knew he was looking at rings but she had no idea it would be so beautiful. After being engaged for 2 two year they decided it was time to make a huge decision and set a wedding date. Sara shared she wanted to get married at city hall and just make it small and intimate. Tyler was actually the one who wanted to have a big wedding with family. So they made it official last year and booked the venue at The Hitching Post!  They also have two fur babies that we love and adore. Their names are Maxwell and Glitter. They take them pretty much everywhere we go! They are their children!


Tyler can be very shy and Sara's super bubbly and when they are together he sometime just shakes his head at her and all he can do is laugh. He completes Sara and she couldn't imagine herself marrying and spending the rest of her life with anyone else. Tyler is a foot and 3 inches taller than Sara and friends  just laugh when they see them together. They can't get over how much taller he is compared to her. They now work at the same hospital  for the past  year and people to this day still don't know they are a couple and engaged because we are so easy going and nonchalant about it! Enjoy Sara and Tyler's engagement session with me.




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